SDCC12: Watchtower Wrap-Up

We discover some overlooked items from Comic-Con. Lobo, bubble gum cards, Margaret Atwood, and Weird Al!

SDCC12: IDW Announces More Artist's Editions!

IDW announces three new titles in their award-winning Artist’s Edition series of archival reprints!

Iron Man 3 surprises fans at SDCC 2012

While this year’s San Diego Comic Con was lighter on movies and heavier on TV then it has been in recent years, the Iron Man movie franchise still managed to make the rounds on Saturday. After an obligatory appearance at the Entertainment Weekly Suite at the Hard Rock Cafe and a surprise appearance in Hall […]

SDCC 12: The Masquerade winners

Although eclipsed by the showbiz extravaganza’s in the popular mind, the Masquerade may just be the most spectacular live event at Comic-COn with amazing costumes that people slave over all year. The winners of Saturday’s main event are now up, and here’s the grand prize winners, Project Runway All Star Wars

SDCC 12: Diamond offers incentives for new stores

Realizing that getting new stores out there is crucial to growing the comics business. Diamond has announced a couple of new programs to help get new stores up and running by softening the financial blow of assembling opening inventory. New business director Chris Powell announced these at todays Diamond retailer lunch. One program is allows […]

SDCC12: Watchtower: Weekend Edition

The latest linkage from Comic-Con!

SDCC: Bleeding Alliance of Beat Reporters

By Alexander Ané For those who don’t know, the Bleeding Alliance of Beat Reporters is four of the biggest names in comic book journalism in one panel held during Thursday evening of San Diego Comic-Con and moderated by another big name in comics journalism, Douglas Wolk. Andy Khouri of Comics Alliance, Rich Johnston of Bleeding […]

SDCC 2012: Wait you guys! There's still a Spider-Man panel!

Marvel confirm Minimum Carnage, reveal the cover for Amazing Spider-Man #700, and celebrate KellySue DeConnick at SDCC

SDCC 12: The cartoonists — and everyone else — go home

It’s windup day here. All the glittering art displays and carnivals are being taken down; everyone has gone home but the poor cast of Fringe, who were left behind to cover the retreat. And the comicos are also joining the caravan to the north and east.

We’ll have a lot more to say in the days to come but today is a crucial day for the future of comics at Comic-Con. Most everyone we talked to among the comics publishers and artists told us this has been a slow show for sales. People who were sold out by Saturday at HeroesCon are sitting on stacks of books. We don’t doubt that some people are doing well, but whereas in past years SDCC was definitely the biggest sales show of the year—justifying the enormous costs of attending — if booth sales slow, the exodus of comics talent may continue.

SDCC: Kickstarter Changes Comics

By Alexander Añé Saturday afternoon Jimmy Palmiotti introduced the panelists, Cindy Au, Vijaya Iver, and Batton Lash, for Kickstarter Changes Comics. Paul Levitz was originally to introduce the panel but he was not in attendance and so Jimmy carried the show more than well enough. The premise for the panel is to help instruct potential […]

SDCC 2012: Saturday Summary

Trying to keep up with all the Comicon News and Announcements? It’s fast and furious (the convention, not the movie). Here are the links for the Saturday stories from morning to evening.

SDCC 2012 – The Man of Steel Movie Poster

There’s a new teaser poster for Man of Steel making the rounds at Comicon:

SDCC 2012 Marvel Movie Panel: Confirmations Galore

OK, so it’s supposed to be the Iron Man 3 panel. And it is, but they started out by confirming a few thing for the second phase of the MCU. MCU? Marvel Cinematic Universe. What is there to be confirmed? Here’s a handy list:

SDCC 2012: Shaq Attack — Shaquille O'Neal Launches His Own Comics Line

We always knew Shaq liked comics and it predated his turn as Steel on the big screen. Looks like he’s going to publish them. Come to find out, Shaq has two comics lined up for the “Shaq Comic Book Company.” This venture is a partnership between Shaq Entertainment and New Kingdom Entertainment. New Kingdom operates The Fanboy’s Guide website.

SDCC12: Watchtower: Photo Edition

Here are some visuals from Comic-Con… I’m taking a break.

SDCC 2012: The Avengers Vs. X-Men Panel

By Todd Allen As you might have guessed, there wasn’t a lot of new news at the Avengers Vs. X-Men panel.  Nobody wants to spoil the ending.  There’s definitely an epilogue in the form of the Consequences mini-series, which will also point the way to what comes next.  (The next Event?  Marvel Now relaunches?  I’m […]