Schreck joins IDW

Ted Adams’ all-star line-up gained a heavy hitter with the official announcement of Bob Schreck joining IDW as senior editor: Newsarama: Bob, how did this position with IDW come about? Bob Schreck: Soon after I became available on the market again, that is “laid off,” IDW and several other interested parties reached out to me […]

Camp Twilight packs its tents

From our hotel window, we can see that Camp Twilight has folded its tents and moved inside, after a grueling night spent sleeping on concrete and swatting giant cockroaches with shoes. Seriously, boys, could YOU handle spending a night outside fighting bugs and rats just to meet Kevin Smith? Hope the panel is as good […]

Google announces Comics Themes

iGoogle has just unleashed a huge slate of Comics Themes for users’ home pages. Themes include Vertigo, Zuda, Daniel Clowes, Mutts, Jaime Hernandez, Renee French, Jeffrey Brown, Rumiko Takahashi, Children of the Sea and more. In honor of the day, Jim Lee has the artwork on the Google homepage, which, as he twittered, “It will […]

San Diego DAY 0 report

Beat Action HQ is The new Bayfront Hilton this year, a hotel that it is impossible to gain ingress or egress to unless you are “IN THE KNOW.” Seriously, we’d heard some people telling us it was hard to find the entrance, but we didn’t expect to have to wander around for two minutes before […]

Day 0 initial report

Only a little time to check in here, so no time to go to a news roundup. Last night was a peaceful one, as folks straggled into town. But cabdrivers are dreading the oncoming crush. Much talk about the future of the con, as you can imagine. We’re off to the ICv2 conference for the […]

SD09: Who are the people who really matter?

As we walk around and read our email and check Twitter tag #sdcc, maybe it’s just because of the explosion of the social networking, but this year, like no other, it seems comics have been left sitting by the side of the road waiting to get a ride to the big show. Of course it […]

Right now at the show

§ One of several posts we’ve seen Twittered purporting to be First Images from Comic Con 09 Floor!! § The authors urged us to blog this post from the SF Weekly on 10 Must See Panels at Comic-Con 2009 and we’ll oblige because several of them are actually about comics!

San Diego Day -1

Been on the ground for a while, following a flight that was jammed with Comic-Con personnel…many of them unknown to me, and working for street teams and book publishers and so on. Well, even The Beat can’t keep track of 125,000 people. By pure chance, our row on the plane included the charming John Nee, […]