SD 09: Comfortably Numb

Some views and voices…we’re only gonna do this for a few days, don’t worry. We’ll be back at SBM on Friday am. § Brian Heater got to interview everyone from The Mighty Boosh to Seth to Stan Lee: He’s genuinely funny and warm during our interview, and while he doesn’t seem to precisely grasp the […]

Comic-Con's culture clash

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether an internet feud is just an excuse to type or lot or a manifestation of an actual conflict. We’d kind of decided that the Con-vs-Twlight feud was halfway a work, but on the floor we heard enough anecdotal evidence and passing references to decide that the Twilighters are, in […]

SD09: Wha' hoppen?

Okay, a very brief linkage of some of the points of interest we saw during yesterday’s recovery time: § Douglas Wolk reviewed >ASTERIOS POLYP for the NY Times, in a review Scott McCloud deemed “insightful.” § This Booth Babe business is pretty annoying. § Here’s that letter by Chuck Rozanski everyone is talking about. § […]

SD09: Panel Prep Gone Wild

How much work did the Lost brain trust put into their (last?) Comic-Con panel presentation? A lot, according to an article in today’s NYT. “Is it too late for when Carlton and I come out onstage for there to be giant towers of flames?” Mr. Lindelof said (mostly) facetiously. Tip of the hat to Peter […]

The Big Squeeze

Posted by Evie Mile High Comics’ Chuck Rozanski appears to be the first out of the gate with the annual “where are the comics at Comic Con?” lament, and Val D’Orazio has a further discussion. My personal flash-assessment, having not been there this year but having gone in the past and following the news from […]

SD09: Bye bye, Elite!

We’ll have our big long meditation on Comic-Con and What It Means tomorrow or (more likely) Wednesday am, but in the meantime, Sunday wrapped up with FAR MORE crowded floors than Saturday, and reports of mixed sales, fewer costumes, and the same “It was brutal but it was great!” vibe from 97 percent of the […]

Momentarily engaged

Briefly back on the grid, following a mass exodus from the Bayfront Hilton. Rorschach, your car is waiting! We’re drinking some refreshing fluids, and gearing up for finding out what actually happened over the last week. Check out Calvin Reid’s report in PW on the broad strokes. More after lunch.

San Diego Day 4

As usual, as the show wears on, our obligations pile up, leaving less and less time for blogging, which is totally lame. Saturday, long dreaded as the ultimate Con-Mageddon, was instead a lovable pussy cat. For whatever reason — Twilighter defection, massed lines outside Hall H, Ballroom 20 AND the Indigo Ballroom at the Bayfront […]