SDCC: Convention Center expansion — the negatives

We’ve linked to articles by San Diego local Don Bauder before — he’s a definite gadfly who doesn’t accept the status quo, and he has a lot of questions about the proposed expansion of the San Diego convention center and the task force report. Although we’re in FAVOR of the San Diego con staying in […]

News and notes: SDCC and the locals; Bluewater and Harryhausen; Fan Expo

• Robot 6 reports that Ray Harryhausen has chosen to terminate his deal with Bluewater.: • If you’ve been following along with the Saga of the San Diego Con, you will LOVE this transcript of a radio show that ran during the show. Basically, it shows locals arguing the merits of the convention center expansion, […]

Prepare to buy new insoles: SD Convention Center expansion APPROVED — UPDATE reports that the task force assigned to determine the future of a planned expansion of the San Diego Convention Center, has approved the expansion. They decided that the $750 million project was feasible and would have a positive impact on the region. How to pay for the project? The task force presents several options […]

NOT SD09: Charles M. Schulz Museum

(The second part of a series on how not to spend Comic-Con week at Comic-Con) After spending most of the week in San Diego, but only one day at the actual con itself, it was off to the Bay Area for the previously-discussed Miyazaki festivities at Berkeley. But before seeing the director, the previous day […]

Continued SD09 mop-up

Sorry…it’s just staggering on, and I wanted to link to a couple of reactions to my novella yesterday. § Don McPherson talks to the SD police to find out what REALLY happened during the con. It turns out we are a peaceful, law abiding folk after all. Monica Munoz, media services manager with the SDPD, […]

SD09: The New Invaders

Before I get into this, let me state unequivocally that San Diego Comic-Con is a fantastic experience, and despite any kvetching that follows, it’s an incredible, inspiring event and I remain amazed by the organization and efficiency with which it is run. For better or worse, Comic-Con wouldn’t be the mega media event that it […]

SD09: Panel audio files now up

Jamie Coville has now uploaded a ton of panels from Comic-Con, including many of our must-sees which we didn’t: Secret Origins of Comic-Con. (61.8mb, 67:32) Participants of the first and early San Diego Comic cons tell their stories of how it all began. Panelist include Richard Alf, Greg Bear, Dave Clark, Ken Krueger, Mike Towry, […]

Not SD09: Miyazaki at Berkeley

Posted by Mark Coale During our high-powered breakfast (maybe brunch by the time Ace and FMB got there), The Beat requested that I try and write more for the site. So, here’s the first article about the non-SDCC portion of my travels recently. I had always planned on only doing one day of San Diego, […]

SD09: PopCult party pics

Jeff Newelt was nice enough to pass along some photos from SD09’s PopCult party, which he helped organize, and I’m nice enough to post ‘em so here goes: Paul Pope makes his DJ debut at Comic-Con Pop Cult / Devil’s Due’s Josh Blaylock and Pop Cult / Kingdom Comic’s Christian Beranek Jim Mahfood rocking the […]

SD09: The tent gets smaller?

§ We’re tragically one plane ride away from the time to finish our own convention rant, so until then, here’s the new most linked to post about the con, courtesy of recently promoted all-around comics genius Eric Reynolds: Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all doom and gloom by any means; we did well despite […]

SD 09: Comfortably Numb

Some views and voices…we’re only gonna do this for a few days, don’t worry. We’ll be back at SBM on Friday am. § Brian Heater got to interview everyone from The Mighty Boosh to Seth to Stan Lee: He’s genuinely funny and warm during our interview, and while he doesn’t seem to precisely grasp the […]

Comic-Con's culture clash

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether an internet feud is just an excuse to type or lot or a manifestation of an actual conflict. We’d kind of decided that the Con-vs-Twlight feud was halfway a work, but on the floor we heard enough anecdotal evidence and passing references to decide that the Twilighters are, in […]

Jimmy Fallon as THE RECHARGER

We would plug in to this idea! Call us nuts.

SD09: Wha' hoppen?

Okay, a very brief linkage of some of the points of interest we saw during yesterday’s recovery time: § Douglas Wolk reviewed >ASTERIOS POLYP for the NY Times, in a review Scott McCloud deemed “insightful.” § This Booth Babe business is pretty annoying. § Here’s that letter by Chuck Rozanski everyone is talking about. § […]

SD09: Panel Prep Gone Wild

How much work did the Lost brain trust put into their (last?) Comic-Con panel presentation? A lot, according to an article in today’s NYT. “Is it too late for when Carlton and I come out onstage for there to be giant towers of flames?” Mr. Lindelof said (mostly) facetiously. Tip of the hat to Peter […]

The Big Squeeze

Posted by Evie Mile High Comics’ Chuck Rozanski appears to be the first out of the gate with the annual “where are the comics at Comic Con?” lament, and Val D’Orazio has a further discussion. My personal flash-assessment, having not been there this year but having gone in the past and following the news from […]