No one does comma separated headlines like the New York Times

In a Packed San Diego, Entertainment Worlds Collide: Much like the Cannes Film Festival — but with more at stake — Comic-Con has also begun to draw entertainment dealmakers, who have been trolling for meetings with comic artists and writers. Hollywood’s Endeavor talent agency, for instance, has at least eight agents attending, along with a […]

I wish it wasn’t ending!

Day five already…the day of farewells, the day of the setting sun. Can it be that this wonderful fairyland of opportunity is already fading away? So soon! Only a few times have we consumed the wonderful pretzels of the lobby, for a fleeting moment been to the panel rooms, and only briefly tasted the freedom […]

SD07: The Long March to Saturday

Only a few mintues before we have to get to our panel. Everyone assumes this is the busy day, but we think every day bas been busy. We left the Eisners halfway through to go to the Oni party and try to go to the MySpace party (fire marshal problems) and then went back to […]