Dark Horse on MySpace

The secret word is DIGITAL! You can’t spell Web 2.0 without COMICS, it seems, as all sorts of digital deals are being announced at this year’s San Diego, or else bubbling under the surface. Today’s big news: MySpace and Dark Horse are teaming to bring back the digital version of DARK HORSE PRESENTS with creators […]

Jeff Smith’s Rasl

One of the biggest buzz books of Preview Night at San Diego was a sneak peek of Jeff Smith’s new series Rasl. While the preview was only six pages long, the oversize 11×17 format was definitely eye-catching. Published by Cartoon Books, Smith’s own company, in a limited edition of 2200, it’s expected to sell out […]

SD07: Day 1 report

Just a very quick post, alas. Day 1 feels like day 1000. Everyone has 1000 yard stares, dry mouth and blisters. And dread, numbing, seeping dread. We’ll try to roundup some of the news emanating from the show, but the big news is that Preview Night and Thursday are now just as crowded as Friday […]

From the comments — scammers in line?

Bill Cunningham in the comments says there is a bizarre scam going on in San Diego. Is this true? Beware! A word of warning if you are standing in the pre-registration line, there were scammers working the line. They would come up asking for anyone who had one-day registrations, that ou could get in ahead […]

No room at the Con II: Friday sells out

Kitty bar the door! Friday is going to be as bad as Saturday! According to a press release from Comic-Con’s David Glanzer, Friday at the show is completely sold out, a n hour previously reserved only for Saturday. Comic-Con, the nation’s largest comic book and pop culture event announced that Friday admissions have sold out […]

SD07: Video Blog #2 – Scott McCloud

Click on pic or here for video.

SD07: Video Blog #1 — Welcome to Hell

Damn I was so perky on Day 0! Click on pic or here for vid.

What’s up with Cloverfield?

Now that Harry Potter is passed, what’s the next thing for Nerd Nation over which to obsess over? How about CLOVERFIELD aka 1-18-08, the new film project headed up by ALIAS/LOST maestro J.J. Abrams? You’ve already seen the trailer. You’ve been to the website. What’s next? Well, this week’s “Entertainment Weekly” (Harry Potter cover) has […]

SD07: Dark Horse signing schedule

Yikes! Somehow this never got posted THURSDAY, JULY 26: 12:00 – 1:00 Joshua Dysart: Conan and the Midnight God 1:00 – 2:00 Tara McPherson: Lonely Heart 2:00 – 3:00 Will Vinton & Andrew Wiese: Jack Hightower 2:00 – 3:00 Chris Grine: Chickenhare 3:00 – 4:00 Matt Wagner: Celebrating 25 years of Grendel! 4:00 – 5:00 […]

Day 0 report

Not much time to blog, alas. The crowds were as big as a Saturday, some said. Freebies were snatched up at an alarming rate, the most popular being an oversized cloth Smallville bag and a cardboard shield for 300. The big evening event was a screening of some 20 minutes of BEOWULF, the Robert Zemeckis-directed […]

SD07 Day 0: All aboard the San Diego Express!

We spent our now traditional sleepless night before getting stuffed into Supershuttle for the dawn ride to JFK for the 8:30 Jet Blue flight, otherwise known as the Hogwarts Express, because everyone who isn’t on the 11;)) flight is on the 8:30. The sun came up over Queens like a crimson King Vidor melodrama. At […]

What huffers like for entertainment

Immigration Official TELLS IT LIKE IT IS to Tony Lee: There was one concern while I was in customs – when asked why I was there, I explained that I was going to the San Diego Comic Con, no, I mean superheroes, not comedians – and the customs officer goes ‘You know about solvent abuse?’ […]

San Diego: with charity towards all

As regular readers of this blog may be are aware, the city of San Diego has been undergoing some fiscal distress of late, so perhaps it should come as no surprise that they are wondering just how Comic-con can be a tax-free charity perhaps with an eye to glomming a new revenue stream. But the […]

It has begun

The annual San Diego Flickr set has started. Above, Mechanical Man spotted by Ivan Brandon.

Mega List — SDCC Booth Chart

Our wonderful Helper Bee Mark Coale has compiled this master list of Beat posts linking to signing schedules, panels and so on for your last minute planning pleasure. Enjoy! Tom Spurgeon’s priceless guide: Welcome to Nerd Vegas Active Images # 2106 Adhouse # 2104 Archaia Studios Press # 2049 Avatar Press # 2800 Curt Schilling […]

Early report

Via markandrich – San Diego Dreaming: 24/07/07 19:42 TXT: signage at the virgin comics books indicates “jenna jameson is coming soon.” has there ever been a weirder episode in contradictory brandng