One more link

Even snooty NYT film Critic Manohla Dargis liked Comic-Con: I thought a lot about that high school girl while I wandered around Comic-Con, which, despite the crushing crowds (more than 120,000 attendees) and the hard-sell commercialism, I found unexpectedly moving. Like many early adopters who get in on a movement or trend before the rest […]

Our most favorite blog of all

Diespite her hanging with the stars, Whitney has the right perspective: It’s a shame Hollywood dominates the post-Comic-Con headlines, because there are so many more things going on than blockbusters and new TV shows. For one thing, this annual event is a gathering of some of the world’s greatest storytellers, and, if you know where […]

SD Mayor about as tactful as a turd in a punchbowl

Pink Raygun has an anecdotal but interesting report on SD Mayor Jerry Sanders doing a local radio interview: As we drove east on Interstate 8 yesterday morning, we heard Mayor Jerry Sanders of San Diego say something nasty about Comicon attendees on Cantore in the Morning on 91X. While talking about the end of Comicon […]

LA Times on Friends of Lulu Awards

Sheigh Crabtree is there: Despite a grim convention room backdrop, Friends of Lulu organizers did what they could to personalize the scene. A cold lemonade dispenser and a bowl of cubed ice with tongs sat next to a covered table chock-a-block with frosted brownies, trays decorated with tiny purple flowers. The sweet nothings were a […]

Media moaning

We’ll be getting into this more when we write our big wrap-up, but the ironic lack of media access to panels at San Diego has gotten in just about everyone’s craw: Blog@Newsarama’s JK Parkin: 1) There should be a designated number of seats for media who are there to cover the con, so that they […]

SD07: Other thoughts, other voices

Here’s some of what the best pundits and favored Beat pals were saying about the Very Big show. Interestingly, while creator blogs contain many of the juiciest bits, it’s the mainstream coverage — obvious comics moles who are blogging for newspapers and maagzines — that provides the most balanced coverage. § Chris Butcher takes the […]