SD07: The final countdown

This is it! The trilogy ends! SD07 Report III starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, Mike Myers, Tobey Maguire and Johnny Depp. Third time the charm! Third time bloated and off the track Third time not as good as it used to be. Third time looking old and fat. Friday night was another madhouse. There […]

Con talk back: David Glanzer responds

San Diego Comic-Con spokesperson David Glanzer sent a response to my epic post yesterday. I’m happy to post the whole thing — I think it is very informative and some of it clarified some things I’d long wondered about. In fact on one very important point, it directly contradicts what I wrote yesterday — and […]

SD07: Showdown at Hall H

Where was I? Thursday dawned bright and sunny. I blogged a bit and then sat down in a cafe for a healthy, nutritious breakfast with Laurenn McCubbin. It was to be my only vaguely healthy, nutritious breakfast for many days. As I walked to that most excellent breakfast place on Island, everyone else was heading […]

Are comics literature?

Of all the panels at San Diego the one we most wanted to see podcast or transcribed or whatever was COMICS ARE NOT LITERATURE and now Newsarama has a report by Zack Smith, although two of the participants have already said it isn’t entirely accurate. Dammit, we should have been there. Wolk criticized comics written […]

Battle for SD07 Photos

Just a few more…we’ve made it all the way to Saturday and we’re still alive! Here are two of the many Blade Runner characters running around the show. Apparently they were hired by WB home video to promote the new DVD set which we are getting the second it comes out.

SD07: Where dreams come true

From the moment I walked into the convention center I knew I was outmoded, outmatched, outclassed. Although I had always mocked the idea of a Blackberry (working on the web, the idea of being web free is like the idea of having some time off) as I found myself pinned down under attack by an […]