SDCC IDW Announces Popeye Comics

Crack open the spinach cans, because he’s back! Popeye the Sailor is getting his own comic coming out from IDW Publishing. The Popeye ongoing series will be an all-ages book suitable for children, featuring all the classic Popeye characters and go on sale in 2012.


The Watchtower: Comic-Con — Do-It-Yourself Edition

As the temperature outside hits 312 degrees Kelvin, I sit here in the cool subterranean basements deep in Stately Beat Manor, keeping watch over the reportage coming east from San Diego. While scanning the umpteenth cosplay photo, I got to thinking… perhaps our readers would care to look behind the curtain and see how we actually conglomerate the myriad data feeds which stream into our data center.


SDCC11: Eisners get a revamp

Tonight’s Eisner Award ceremony will be a bit different: the con has hired a producer to help tighten up the show and keep things moving along.

Previous Eisner Award ceremony, although a much loved comics tradition, have been, shall we say…lengthy. The new producer, who has a background in television and live events, is familiar with live awards shows and plays. According to con spokesman David Glanzer, there won’t be monumental changes, but “by tightening things up, we’ll see thigns run a littlr smoother, and hopefully help make it the event that people really do want to attend.”

Plans call for some trimming from the obituaries and other staging elements that will cut as much as a half hour from the show.


Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retail Award nominees announced

Seven amazing comics retailers were nominated for the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer award, including stores from all over the United States. We have personal knowledge of many of these retailers and can testify that they all exemplify the passion and love of comics that is the heartbeat of the industry

The winner will be announced tonight at the Eisner Awards.


SDCC X-Men Panel: X-Books going Day & Date Digital, X-23 vs. Fantastic Four, X-Men: Schism, Wolverine vs. Cyclops = Xavier vs. Magneto and more

Since Uncanny X-Men just got renumbered – oh, I’m sorry, “ended” and “restarted” – today’s X-Men panel was pretty sure to bring interesting news.

It’s been pretty clear for the last few weeks that Marvel’s big push this convention was probably going to be X-Men, which makes sense, since the line has been losing visibility for years, overtaken by the various Avengers. And now, with a successful new X-Men movie under their belt, the time must have looked right. So what’s up?


SDCC Thursday Big Two: Runaways, The Unwritten, Avengers Origins, Evil Deadpool, Return to Perdition & More

Today, DC’s Vertigo imprint had its big panel of the convention. At it, Max Collins, creator of the graphic novel The Road to Perdition wil be doing a third (and last) graphic novel in the series for Vertigo entitled Return to Perdition.Ongoing series The Unwritten will be moving to an unusual twice a month format, with full numbered issues (32, 33, 34 etc) detailing the main plot alternating with decimal issues (32.5, 33.5, 34.5 and so on) exploring other characters and storylines in the same world. John Constantine’s ongoing title Hellblazer will not end, despite the character’s ventures into the mainstream DCU.


The Watchtower: Comic-Con – Special Star Wars Edition

Star Wars Ruined Comic-Con!


SDCC11: ICv2 conference hightlights: digital comics sales doubled in 2010

Yesterday’s ICv2 Conference on Comics, Media, and Digital kicked off Comic-Con with a look at the business side of things. Over at Publishers Weekly, Calvin Reid and I have a brief recap of some of the stats that Milton Griepp presented at his annual White Paper.

Some quick hits:

GN sales were up 3% so far in 2011 — up more in bookstores, despite the Borders disaster, than in comics shops — while periodical sales were down 8%. The peak of sales for comics and GNs was 2006-2007. Coincidentally that was also a peak year for manga sales, which has declined significantly yet again. But the rate of decline has stabilized.


The Comic-Con Virgin Diaries: Nate C. day 3

I announced a new book yesterday! COW BOY, being published by good ol’ Archaia Entertainment. I’m writing, Chris Eliopoulos is drawing! Super-exciting, we’ve been working on it for a wnile. Me an’ Chris aren’t super-duper-megastars, so we figured doing an online announcement before the con started would be better than the weekend, when we could get drowned out by the massive announcements. So…yeah! Cool. In other news…


SDCC11: Spectacular images of Comic-con line

Folks have been lined up for a while to get into Comic-Con — camp Twilight must be packing up about now, hopes and wishes high. Meanwhile, the regular line is about to start entering the hall. Earlier this morning, this is how the line looked — we can’t copy but click for the largest version which shows people lined up all the way around the marina.


The Comic-Con Virgin Diaries: Ali C. Day 3

Must pack. Must. Pack! Why do I never pack early? (Am an expert procrastinator.) Flight leaves at 8:30am! Several piles of clothes on bed! Nothing of use in suitcase! Am spending more time dancing and reorganizing clothes out of the laundry. There may have been some singing.


The Watchtower: Comic-Con Morning Edition — DC ‘droid, Lego, Wood, Comic Bucks, and Costumed Catastrophes

While Heidi slumbers after surviving yet another Preview Night, I am ensconced at Stately Beat Manor, monitoring the Internet for all sorts of info which might get eclipsed by the myriad millions of memes occurring this weekend.


SDCC Preview Night at a glance

It’s Preview Night and the ICv2 Conference at San Diego Comic-Con, and while the big announcements are still being held back for the convention proper, news has begun to come out of San Diego in a trickle that will soon become a torrent.


SDCC11: Day -1– Tr!ckster debuts, spectacles erected

Even as a prep day, Tuesday is now crammed with faces and activity. While inside the convention center, a massive Avengers display took shape at the Marvel booth, outside Tr!ckster made a sparkling debut, and a line of themed carnivals took shape along the railroad tracks.

The big news outside the convention center was the soft opening for Tr!ckster, the comics-themed offsite event, showcasing independent comics creators. While it was still evolving — prints and posters set up in front of industrial sized stoves — the wares on display look sharp.

The life drawing classes — led by two gorgeous models — were well attended, and the bar got a shake-down cruise. As Tr!ckster is held inside the San Diego Wine and Culinary Center, the wines are quality — we enjoyed a stunning dry rose from the south of Italy last night.


SDCC11: Marvel Launches Season One Graphic novels

Tom Brevoort believes in the satisfying chunk. Or in his case, “big, sizable, meaty chunks” of of story like those found in graphic novels.

Marvel has significantly rejected the notion of creating original graphic novels over the years, with former E-i-C Joe Quesada continually saying they don’t make economic sense. However, maybe they do make more reading sense for new readers in a world of tablets and Kindles. Marvel has announced a new line of Season One hardcover original graphic novels which will give modern readers a modern take on the origins of classic characters:


SDCC11: Yoe! Books!

Given the huge crowds at Comic-Con International, it’s not surprising that an artist or publisher will promote The Latest and Greatest at the show. With all the buzz, the media, the fans… it’s an excellent opportunity for a publisher to debut something amazing, something they hope will generate a lot of interest and lead to sales through the holiday season.

So regular con-goers shouldn’t be surprised that Craig Yoe, Eisner-Award winning author and designer, will have a new book to showcase. Not only are his history books beautifully designed and researched, but they are also fun to read. He even finds little gems, like Elvis reading a copy of “Betty and Veronica”, to spice up his books.