The Watchtower: Comic-Con — Superman, Batman, Archie, William Shatner, Joss Whedon, and Other Sexy Topics

Well, another Comic-Con is drawing to a close, with the traditional annual Buffy sing-along, this time in Hall H. (Perhaps they could also add a “Mayhem of the Music Meister!” event as well?)

So, here’s some more interesting tidbits from Comic-Con…

SDCC Sunday Marvel Fear Itself Panel: Hulk Asunder, The Fearless, Shattered Heroes, The Defenders

This post has been edited to add actual content, now that the panel has finished!

Complete SDCC11 Coverage

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San Diego Day 4: Packing up

The Douche Army has packed up their Desigual and headed back home, leaving Sunday for comics here at Comic-Con. It’s been an action packed week of parades, parties and panels. The big news from the show? Was it Andrew Garfield at the Spider-Man panel? Was it Tintin? Was it Paul Pope and Matt Wagner joining Frank Miller at Legendary Comics? Was it Fantagraphics adding EC to its reprint line-up?

Or was it just the “Angoulême of Pop Culture” feeling of the town all week? From the Conan O’Brien Art Gallery to Tr!ckster to Marvel’s Monster Truck display, the entire Gaslamp has become one big festival of pop culture, more so than ever before. Last night the klieg lights were on star power with the COWBOYS & ALIENS premiere — Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig, Steven Spielberg and Jon Favreau did the old school red carpet for the premiere while the E!/SyFy party had the block closed down for arrivals.

SDCC Fantagraphics to Publish EC Comics Library & Complete Zap Comix

Fantagraphics announced at their panel Saturday that they will be republishing two comics classics which so far have yet to receive the deluxe treatment: the EC Comics Library and a complete collection of the influential early indie anthology Zap Comix.

SDCC Saturday Big Two: Fables Fairest, Cable Reborn, Demon Knights, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Aquaman, Runaways & more

Saturday brought a boatload of news from DC, which isn’t surprising, given the number of comics panels they held.

SDCC Legendary Comics with The Beat, Frank Miller’s Holy Terror, Matt Wagner’s Tower Chronicles & Paul Pope’s PulpHope

MacDonald chaired a Comic-Con panel on Legendary Comics, the new comic book offshoot of movie powerhouse Legendary Pictures.

SDCC Creator-owned Image Comics: Kirkman’s Album, Chaykin’s Black Kiss II, Vaughan’s Saga & Hickman’s The Manhattan Projects and Secret

At Image’s Creator-Owned panel, Image did what Image does best – original books by independent creators. Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard will be releasing a series of original graphic novels called Album.

SDCC Viz Announces Multiplatform Digital Comics Site

Manga publisher Viz has just announced, a digital comics site which immediately went live during the con. Viz’s wide variety of manga titles are now available there in an array of digital formats, with first chapters available free, and first volumes available at 40% off for the first month.

The Watchtower: Comic-Con — The Spectacle

Showing, not telling, as I post selected photos from around the Web.

The Watchtower: Comic-Con — Will Eisner Comic Awards Hall of Fame 2011 Inductees

Here are the biographies of the 2011 inductees into the Will Eisner Comic Awards Hall of Fame, found at:

SDCC11: How would YOU like to pact with Stan Lee and MTV?

All around the world, everyone is pacting with Stan Lee! From Japanese jpop sensation Yoshiki to Pamela Anderson to Boom! Studios to Morgan Spurlock, everyone had done it becuase it’s so fun! The legendary Man is the king of pacting — he’s got deals in place with just about every entity out there.

And now you can win your OWN chance to pact with Stan Lee via MTV, which is holding a talent search for creators to work with lee on a NEW series, THE SEEKERS.

MTV Geek, the news site/comics portal is announcing their new comics content this morning, including The Seekers. Other new comics properties include SEPTEMBER MOURNING with M Lazar, a music/comics hybrid. And also two more tarditional webcomics: Divination, written by Eisner nominee Val Staples and Gina Iorio and illustrated by Julia Laud, and Department P.U.L.P. by Tony Lee and Dan Boultwood.

SDCC11: Live blogging the Eisners

Hooray we are here at the Eisners! It’s festive and glamourous here at the Indigo Ballroom at the Hilton.
Bill Morisson comes out thanking everyone for coming out out joking that thry have 52 awards to give out, this year called “First issues.” Haha!

The Watchtower: Comic-Con — Sex, Rock’n’Roll, and Even Crazier Stuff!

Well, the second full day of Comic-Con is coming to an end, and there’s been lots of amazing stuff announced! I’ve diligently sat deep in Stately Beat Manor, watching the news feeds, so you don’t have to! Read on!

SDCC Manga Giants Announce, For Free & Legal Digital Manga

In an effort to compete with the huge ad-supported pirated manga aggregator sites, the Japanese Digital Comics Association has announced that this August they will be unveiling, a new English-language digital manga site with free content.

SDCC11: This year, it’s all about the security

This year’s con is wilder than ever — everywhere you look there’s a parade or a circus breaking out. IGN has some kind of incredibly annoying and loud installation right by the Hilton Gaslamp; Marvel’s Monster trucks are roaming down Harbor Ave., loud as a jet fighter. We haven’t been on the floor since Preview Night — preferring to skulk in the alley ways and panel rooms of Old Con.

One of the big changes this year is the use of wristbands for exhibitors. This has cracked down on the people who would just borrow an exhibitor’s badge to get in early or stay late. It’s one of those little perks that rule benders have been taking advantage of for years — and it’s about to end.