Oy gevalt…

We’re mobilizing back to base. Everything is packed up at B.L.A.R.D. The mobile transmitters, the latrines, the Medivacs. Nothing left to do but write this journal as we listen to the lonely whistle of a train down the way. Was it a successful expedition? Yes, and no. A lot of shit happened. A lot of […]

LIVE from B.L.A.R.D. 2

Wow, sorry for late updates but we’ve been busier than a boxing ring here at Beat Local Action Rapid Deployment HQ. Deadlines schmedlines. This morning, we had to check out of our room and check in to the same room (long story) and the desk clerk handed us normal, unadorned room keys. “Awwwww, you don’t […]

Con highlights

Meeting Al Jaffee; breakfast with Pia Guerra; getting a copy of Comic Book Tattoo; and nattering at this man at the EW/Sci-Fi party!!! That’s right, Dr. Lucien Sanchez, aka Matt Berry from GARTH MARENGHI’S DARKPLACE, no less. Simon Pegg overheard us lauding the rather bemused Berry for his epic portrayal, but indicated that he agreed […]

Should the Con move?

We have many thoughts on the subject, but in the meantime, here’s a play by play: With 125,000 people attending the San Diego Comic Con, the city of San Diego is bursting at the seems. With a limit on the number of people that can get into the convention hall, and growth expected, is it […]

Sick but alive

Sorry, all. The Con crap hit B.L.A.R.D. hard this morning and it was all we could do to get to the Dave Stevens memorial. After that, we chatted with various folks and started uploading our Flickr photos here. Big news today, Gaiman on Batman, Humanoids at Devils Due, and big sales EVERYWHERE. Despite the increasing […]

Live from Ballroom H

We’re sitting through the CHUCK panel right now. These TV casts are so funny and banter-y. Someone just asked if the two male leads would demonstrate a position between 68 and 70. They declined. We have never watched CHUCK and this panel will not persuade us to do so, but the actors all seem quite […]

The REAL Masters of Comic-Con

Anne Thompson covers the Webmasters panel: When asked how Latinoreview got its hands on so many early scripts six months before they go into production, Kellvin Chavez said: “We clean your offices.” Today, these once unassuming fanboys are courted by studio flacks and granted early access to set visits, star interviews and marketing materials. “Studios […]


More here. BTW, Viz has broken the comics industry wide open, debuting their incredible YELLOW BAGS at this show. Demand is high.

Kochman gets imprint at Abrams

PW has the deets on Charlie Kochman’s new imprint at Abrams, Abrams ComicArts, which will publish a variety of comics and comics-related books: Kochman will direct the new imprint, which will launch with four new titles: The Art of Harvey Kurtzman: The Mad Genius of Comics by Denis Kitchen and Paul Buhle; The Art of […]


Damn, it had to happen. We’ve been having so much good luck — great hotel rooms, fast cabs, money on the floor — that something bad was bound to happen and for the first time in our 20+ years of con going, we’ve caught con crud, a sore throat severely hampering our communication efficiency, and […]

Keeping up with con: Butcher

Have we linked to Chris Butcher’s Flickr Photostream yet? Well, now we have. Check often!

King goes Video with Marvel

The Wall Street Journal joins the parade of Comic-Con exclusives with Stephen King’s latest foray with Marvel: In a promotion expected to be announced Friday at Comic-Con, the big comic-book convention in San Diego, a previously unpublished story by Mr. King has been transformed by Marvel Comics into an animated video. The 25 episodes will […]

You people are not sending nearly enough stuff to SAN DIEGO DREAMING

Twitter your anonymous snark!


Okay, so it was just the pipe and drape collapsing. Still…CONMAGEDDON LOOMS.

Official: Comic-Con jumps the shark

Over at THR, Borys Kit notes rampant shark jumping with a piece called Comic-Con’s geek chic fading? as he notes vacant socialite P**** H***** and starlet Kim Kardashian, who is known apparently just for having a big-ass ass, will be bringing their own special brand of magic to the show: There is talk that despite […]

Live from B.L.A.R.D.

We’re finally ensconced here at the Beat Local Action Rapid Deployment HQ, aka B.L.A.R.D., aka the Horton Grand. We’ve even managed to score a room with a balcony, excitingly enough. We were all set to enjoy a steaming cup of Vietnamese coffee out there when we realized the room comes with fan, shower cap and […]