Legal Danger: Comics in Britain!

Comics fans fear that two new British anti-pornography laws ‘could make comic books illegal’. The Criminal Justice and Immigration Act would make possessing “extreme pornography” – defined as any “extreme image” produced “solely or principally for the purpose of sexual arousal” – illegal. Oddly: Films given an official classification are exempt from the new law, […]

San Diego: Your feet will hurt even more

A story from last week we didn’t have time for: San Diego has announced a planned 300,000 sq. ft expansion of their existing convention center, adding to the 525,000 sq. ft. existing floor space. The Convention Center expansion has long been mentioned by SDCC organizers as a necessity for the show to remain in the […]

Brief links

§ John Jakala runs into the kind of people who reflexively defend the superhero genre while observing: The superhero comics that do stand out are generally well-written and have something interesting to say about the human condition other than “Wouldn’t it be cool if we brought back a bunch of old characters no one’s seen […]

The very last links

§ Just for the record. Everyone — but everyone — sent us these links to Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at SDCC. Part 1 and Part 2. § Charlie Chu’s photo set of cartoonist portraits is totally excellent. Above, Ivan Brandon. § Have you always wanted to go to the Eisners but not been able […]

The future of The Land of Wanders

Graeme McMillan rounds up all of the complaints and dark sides and whatnot in a fairly brilliant post all should read: It was the con that, it seemed, confounded a lot of people. Press shut out of panels, celebrities turned away from parties, comic publishers vowing never to return and 125,000 fans all in one […]

SDCC: a few last nibbles

Gordon Bennett! It takes a whole week just to catch up with all the Comic-Con stuff online! We are done after this — we absolutely promise…unless there is something else really cool and smart that catches our eye. § It seems that the tumult and jacked-up atmosphere at the con led to a lot more […]

SDCC: Scrum facts

In a sad reminder of declining faculties, it is no longer possible forThe Beat to write a cogent, well-reasoned essay about anything longer than a 30 minute sitcom. So I’m reduced to bullet points. Yes, that’s what it’s come to. Frankly. it’s Friday and everyone has said everything that needs to be said. I’ve lost […]

More thoughts, more memories

You can’t stop after just 300. Just some random linkage and so on; by reading a few of these, you begin to see the elephant: § Caleb Monroe attempts the greatest experiment of all with a pedometer: So, since my feet sure feel the mileage every year, this year I thought I’d find out just […]

Seek the DVD set

Apparently there was some kind of viral game for AMC’S PRISONER remake going on at Comic-Con, and they were responsible for the skywriting: AMC played their own little marketing game (Fox also did this with Fringe) at Comic Con to create buzz for their remake of the 1960’s cult classic The Prisoner. Attendees were provided […]

Why we fight

When you see a picture like this, it is really impossible not to want to go to San Diego, despite the crowds and expense, isn’t it? Via Dean Trippe.