Registration Update 2

Registration was NOT the nightmare everyone had feared. It took us literally 15 seconds to get our badge with our bar coded press letter. Now, there were lines for ProReg, but the wait of 20-30 minutes seemed pretty reasonable. If you hadn’t pre-registered, there were definitely problems, however, and we also heard a lot of […]


[Photo by Christopher] Okay can we just say, we now officially hate the Hyatt? WE HATES IT WE HATES IT FOREVER. We have various reasons for this but catch us in person and we’ll go down our bitching and whining list. Anyway, an early flight and lack of REM sleep made yesterday kind of shiny […]

LA Times on Comic-Con

If you wonder why Comic-con has become a Hollywood go-to fest, articles like this are part of the reason. Profiling Tim Sale, Marc Silvestri, bookseller Stuart Ng and artist Sue Katowich, the subtext of the article suggests that be attending Comic-Con, you learn something about life, struggle and art. Since these things are not really […]

San Diego suspicious of nerd spending

This local San Diego site requires you to pay $100 to read their online content. Foo that, but from the looks of the free lede, the city is only grudgingingly beginning to accept the Comic-con’s economic impact: Comic-Con gives city ‘enormous economic shot in the arm’Event expected to bring in major tax revenue

SDCC: ASFA (#4800, 4701-03)

Allen Spiegel Fine Arts is the booth where you find some of the most amazing artists at the comvention, this year including Thom Ang, August Hall, Dave McKean, Scott Morse, Jon J Muth, Bonnie To Yee de Muth, Greg Ruth and Kent Williams. They’ll have three new books, including the group sketchbook 108 DRAWINGS. Contributors […]

SDCC: Random Stuff

Looks, here’s all the stuff we just didn’t have time to write up in its own items. It’s a big sloppy mess: A woman is auctioning off ad space on her…forehead. How horrid. Atomic Comics is tooling around San Diego with a van full of cartoonists. Alex Ross! Scott Morse Jen Wang