Little Rashy does SDCC

Oh we promised no more San Diego links, but this little film Paul Dini and Misty Lee made of a sock puppet going around befuddling people is one of the best San Diego films we’ve ever seen.

Con odds and ends

Yes yes, we know this is yesterday’s news and Chicago is where it’s at now, but a few last links before we sail into the sunset. Chuck Rozanzki sends out a daily report from the show, and they’re all gathered in one place. Rozanski is a smart guy and always has interesting observations, and we’re […]

San Diego ’06: Viral marketing, imaginal cells

The San Diego Comic-con now exists as a means to disseminate press releases to the internet. Sitting in the press room on the Friday of the show, on deadline, a group of reporters were interrupted by a press conference for an upcoming TV show. When the reporters went outside to work without distraction, a steady […]

Video Blog #8: The Bloggers

One last video.

Video Blog #7: Farewell, San Diego

Or as Walt Whitman wrote, Now finale to the shore. Now, land and life, finale, and farewell! Now Voyager depart! (much, much for thee is yet in store;)

Comics Foundry Video Blogs

Well it seems video blogging is the new pink, as Tim Leong at Comics Foundry was maing his own vids guerilla style. Here he captues the con in all its glory including rare, precious footage of Spurge and The Beat sniping at each other on a panel! Here, always dapper Tim kicks it up a […]

SDCC 06: Photo Parade…um, Saturday

We took a lot fewer pictures because we were … well, it’s hard to remember what we were doing. Watching panels, editing stories and taping vidblog pieces, actually. We avoided the main floor on Saturday, because it is usually the hottest, stinkiest day of the con, and this year was all that and a bag […]

San Diego Voices: Con talkback

Between the Panels recounts the Talkback panel where folks get things off their chests, attended by 15-20 people. Now bear in mind, 20 people out of 120,000 is a pretty low percentage, and the geek-o-sphere is particularly given over to anal nitpickers who can never be happy, so take the following with a grain of […]

San Diego Voices: Mark Bernadin

The former comics editor at EW has some pointed observations: 7. Some parents should just be ashamed of themselves. Adam and I crashed the giant ballroom a little early for the Snakes on a Plane panel, and caught the tail end of the Lucasfilm presentation. Needless to say, the 6,000 seat Hall H was filled […]

San Diego voices: Matt Maxwell

Maxwell covers a day of ups and downs, including the fabled blogging panel in a post he likes to call A Sudden Sense of Bleakness – Friday: Butcher was passionate about his assertions regarding the independence of bloggers and the necessity of them facing down the big companies and calling their bluffs about media blackouts […]

Ghost Rider invents fire

At SDCC movie panels, directors owned up to falling behind schedule because of having . to invent SFX along the way: Directors also apologized for slipped movie release dates, pointing to difficult visual effects for the delay. “We had to come up with a whole new program to create the fire, and to be honest […]

Recovery Zone continues unabated

We’ll be going into radio silence in a couple of days, but until then we’re rounding up some of the more interesting links to stuff we’ve read, a not at all even remotely broad ranging account of crap that went down at this year’s Nerd Prom. We have more photos to post, maybe a few […]

Wha’ Hoppen?

We’re just sitting here, for the first time in days surfing the web unimpeded by any of the following: presenting an award; people sitting around your hotel room drinking Jack Daniels; moderating a panel; racing to an editorial meeting; hooking up with a camera crew; sitting around waiting for a proof; trying to find out […]

Party happenings

The Hollywood Reporter Risky Business blog has all the actual happenings at San Diego — a world of parties far too cool for comic book people to attend. Sci-Fi Channel threw a cool rooftop party at the Hotel Solamar attended by not only the channel’s “Battlestar Galacticaâ€? cast members, and Colin Ferguson from its breakout […]

Losin’ it at San Diego

Graeme McMillan explains what its like to try and see the con in five hours. Anyway, it was just after half past one in the afternoon, and I still had five hours or so to explore the San Diego Comic-Con for the first time in my life before catching a plane back to San Francisco […]

Video Blog #6: 300 & Gerard Butler

Yes, this is the moment we have been waiting for, and you have too, whether you knew it or not. The greatest moment in Beat history.