SDCC’16: Captured Aural Phantasy Theater brings the romance comics of old to life


  If you really love comics, then you know Hall H wasn’t the only place to be Saturday during Comic-Con. Room 26a held a different type of celebration, one of comics and Weird Love…the comic book, not the actual act of weird love. A group of performers calling themselves Captured Aural Phantasy Theater did voice over […]

SDCC’16: Kevin Smith’s Geeking Out, more than just white guys talking about pop culture


While Sunday night marked the end of the 2016 San Diego Comic Con, it also brought the debut of director and pop culture icon Kevin Smith’s new talk show Geek!ng Out on AMC television. Smith along with his show co-host Greg Grunberg came to Comic-Con to talk about how their new show is about “more […]

#SDCC ’16 Talk Back Panel: CCI President John Rogers Talks ADA, Security, and Expensive Wifi


By: Nicholas Eskey As per every year, almost like tradition, one of the last panels of the day for San Diego Comic-Con is the Talk Back Panel. And always seated front and center is the president of Comic-Con International, John Rogers. The importance of this panel is that it is the chance for attendees, exhibitors […]

SDCC’16: Watchtower Saturday: Hollywood Goes South, as Marvel Battles DC for the Hearts and Dollars of Fans

Saturday? Sunday? We’re headed to the finish line, with the Dead Dog Party on the horizon! We’ll have more posts today, tomorrow, and the next week. For now, here are the highlights from Saturday, and lots of pictures! Enjoy! Who won the battle of the fans Saturday? Marvel or DC? Marvel v DC: Who Walked […]

SDCC ’16: Moon Girl – The Smartest Person in the World?


Earlier today at SDCC Marvel spoke about some of their female-led titles, and dropped the news that Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur will be continuing into a third arc this November. Called ‘Moon Girl – The Smartest Person in the World?’, the storyline unfolds out of recent… events that took place in the current Civil War 2 […]

SDCC’16: Batman The Telltale Series let’s play shows you how to be your Batman


In a week full of special events, one took place at the Hard Rock which you might have missed out on. Telltale Games converted the Legend room inside the hotel into the most fun theater to be on Saturday night at Comic-Con. all to celebrate the upcoming launch of their upcoming game based on the Dark Knight, […]

SDCC ’16: David F. Walker and Tim Fielder bring ‘Prison City’ to Comics


As part of SDCC, David F. Walker and Tim Fielder have announced a new comics series for 2017 called Prison City. Telling the story of an America which turns an entire city into a municipal prison facility – no freedom, no human rights, and full control given over to a militarised police force. It’s a heady concept […]

SDCC ’16: We Shall Overcome – “March” with John Lewis, Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell


By Nancy Powell The line outside Room 23ABC at 9:20 AM Saturday morning was already two deep before staff let people filter into the room nearly half an hour later. School children – Muslims in burqas, black, white, Asian, Hispanic — had taken up many of the early spots. Their roles would be explained later. Regular attendees, […]

SDCC ‘16: If You Create It, People Will Come: D.I.Y. Comics Reinventing the Mainstream


By Nancy Powell Vita Ayala (Black Mask Studios), Ted Lange (Warp Zone) and Ronald Wimberly (The Prince of Cats) joined moderator Patrick A. Reed for a panel discussion on how evolving tools and technology have changed the face of comics, serving as a platform from which to launch new voices and new ideas. Central to the […]