SDCC ’15: DC Announces Flash: Earth One Graphic Novel


Joe Michael Straczynski, author of several Before Watchmen titles and Superman: Earth Vol. 2, just announced that he was signed by DC to write Flash: Earth One.  This will be the fifth entry in the Earth One series of books.

SDCC ’15: Image Comics: Where Creators Own Process


By Nick Eskey On July 9th at San Diego Comic-Con, the creators of comics “Eat of West” (Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta) and “Invisible Republic” (Gabriel Hardman and Corrina Bechko) gathered on behalf of Image Comics. These comic writers and artists were present to discuss the processes that they use to create their perspective works. […]

SDCC ’15: Comics and Pop Music Panel introduces Archie Meets the Ramones

Archie Meets the Ramones (courtesy of Comics Alliance)

By Harper W. Harris Today at the Comics and Pop Music: Making New Noise panel at Comic Con, there was one of the most interesting groups of people on stage: Patrick A. Reed of Comics Alliance moderated Matt Rosenberg, Alex Segura, Amy Chu, and Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys as they spoke about […]

SDCC ’15: Bruce Timm and cast discuss the darkness, risks, and rewards of Justice League: Gods & Monsters


Traditionally, films starring Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman start off with an imbued sense of goodwill towards the team’s protagonists. But Alan Burnett, the writer and producer of Justice League: Gods & Monsters, has just one concern about the heroes of this film.

“They are not likable in the beginning,” he said. “I don’t know how the audience is going to respond to that.”

SDCC ’15 Photo Essay – Cosplay Culture


If you’re into cosplay, Saturday night is made for fighting the lines to get into the annual masquerade contest. Here are a few backstage pics from the show, along with a few other shots.

SDCC ’15: Win rare ‘Fight Club 2′ signed variants and swag by scratching and sniffing bookmarks


Dark Horse wants to put your senses to the test. Fans of Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club 2 will have the chance to win some signed rare comic books, collector’s edition novel and the collected hardcover graphic novel by scratchin’ & sniffin’ some bookmarks and supporting your local comic book retailer. This is like Fight Club except you can talk about it. 

SDCC ’15: CW’s The Flash Casts Jay Garrick & Patty Spivot, Zoom to be Main Villain


Today, Warner Bros and The CW confirmed some news about the upcoming second season of The Flash.  First off, they’ve announced that Zoom will be the premiere villain of the arc. Shantel VanSanten has been cast as Patty Spivot, a “police officer and science enthusiast who catches the eye of Barry Allen.” Finally, Teddy Sears has […]

SDCC ’15: The Wicked + The Divine’s Newest B-Cover is Obscene


Over the course of The Wicked + The Divine, Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Matthew Wilson, and Clayton Cowles have distinguished themselves from the pack for their strong cover designs.  The A-Covers, which for the first 11 issues featured close ups of characters’ heads before culminating in tragedy, earned McKelvie and Wilson an Eisner nomination this year. […]

SDCC ’15: Joss Whedon Announces New Comic “Twist,” his “Victorian Female Batman”


As if William Shatner writing a comic wasn’t enough, today Joss Whedon announced that he’d be producing a new comic for Dark Horse comics.  The six-issue miniseries, entitled Twist, is his answer to the self-imposed question: “why isn’t there a Victorian, female Batman?” According to Whedon during an interview with EW, Twist is “a Victorian thriller about a […]

SDCC ’15: Cinemax Debuts First Trailer for Kirkman’s “Outcast” TV Series


Robert Kirkman‘s media conquest continues.  Today, Cinemax debuted the first trailer for Outcast, a new TV series based off the Image comics series with the same name.  This is Kirkman’s second TV adaptation following The Walking Dead.

SDCC ’15: Marvel Presents Jack Kirby Monster Variants– Full List Inside!


So, it looks like October is going to be pretty terrifying this year.  Yesterday, DC announced that they’d be giving 25 of their books “Monstrous” variants. Today, Marvel announced that they would be offering “Kirby Monster Variants” for their titles.  They’ve hired talented artists such as Paul Pope, Cliff Chiang, Mike Del Mundo, and Jeff […]

SDCC ’15: Getting Up Close with Entertainment Earth


By Nick Eskey When it comes to collectible toys and popular media merchandise, Entertainment Earth has just about everything. The company first started nearly twenty years ago out of an office and a garage in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California. Its founders, who were themselves collectors that knew the struggles of finding […]

SDCC ’15: Marvel Announces “Star Wars: Vader Down,” a HUGE Crossover Event


Announced today at Marvel’s annual SDCC “Cup O’ Joe” Panel featuring Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, the Marvel Star Wars comic franchise will mark its first anniversary by releasing its first line-wide crossover event, Star Wars: Vader Down. Co-written by flagship title author Jason Aaron and Darth Vader writer Kieron Gillen, Vader Down will see the titular Sith […]

SDCC ’15: Mike Tyson ‘I like Donald Trump. He has balls.’


Doctor Mike Tyson is giving the people what they want, and speaking his mind because everyone knows his secrets. The former boxing heavyweight champ returned to San Diego Comic-Con to promote the upcoming season of his Adult Swim animated comedy Mike Tyson Mysteries. He couldn’t really get into the details on what we can expect because then […]

SDCC ’15: Top Cow Reveals New Lineup, Including: Sejic’s Blood Stain, Rommulus, September Mourning, and Symmetry


Image Comics imprint Top Cow announced a slew of new titles today at SDCC. First up, we have Blood Stain, a series penned and drawn by Linda Šejić, wife of Sunstone and Rat Queens illustrator Stjepan Šejić.  Like Sunstone, Blood Stain debuted as a webcomic.  The series focuses on Elliot Torres, a chemistry major who’s fallen on hard times and takes […]

SDCC ’15: Amy Manson to Play “Brave’s” Merida on ABC’s “Once Upon a Time”


At SDCC today, Once Upon a Time series producers announced that they would be taking another page from the index of Disney princesses.  They’ll be adding Brave‘s Merida to their lineup for the series’ fifth season on ABC. Merida will be played by Amy Manson.