The El Paso Comic Con is dunzo— but more cons are coming


A little while ago I wrote about a bunch of comic-connish events getting postponed or cancelled and now The El Paso Comic Con has bitten the dust.

Art Spiegelman’s Wordless has its final NYC performance March 13th


Wordless! is a collaboration between artist Art Spiegelman and musician Phillip Johnston—but it’s really about Frans Masereel, Lynd Ward, and Milt Gross. The evening—which I was fortunate to catch last year—involves the Johnston Sextet improvising over a slide show of the wordless comics of the above as set up by Spiegelman. And Art being Art, […]

Irish teen starts social media campaign to get Comic-Con badge


I’m surprised we don’t see more of these stories in the media, but perhaps this is just the start. It seems a 13-year-old lad in Buncrana, Ireland has been dreaming of going to Comic-Con for years and badge-o-ween brought only bitter defeat: Lochlainn and his family waited as the page refreshed 30 times before the […]

Saturday sells out at WonderCon Anaheim


Remember when we were urging you to consider going to WonderCon Anaheim if you got shut out of Comic-Con badges? Well, I guess a lot of people did, because Saturday is now sold out! You can still get single day badges for Friday and Sunday, and a FEW 3-day badges. WonderCon Anaheim is held April 3-5 in Monongahela Anaheim. If you want to go…well, maybe you”d better get a badge now.

WonderCon Anaheim reveals Babs Tarr Program Book Cover


Speaking of SDCC, did you know that WonderCon is thrown by the same folks and you can go to the website and buy tickets and book hotel rooms in a totally normal, non-anxious fashion RIGHT THIS MINUTE? It is true that you may not run into Travil Fimmel at the Hilton bar, but you are pretty much still going to have a good time. This years show is April 3-5 at the Anaheim Convention Center, and guests include Babs Tarr, Ed Brubaker, Neal Adams and other people you would probably like to see.

San Diego Comic-Con Early Bird Hotels now available; pro registration is Friday


For those of you who are sensible and like to avoid stress, the “Early Bird” hotel rooms are now available for Comic-Con 2015. These are mostly in Mission Valley, but on a 24-hour shuttle route, and the beauty of it is, YOU CAN JUST GO GET A HOTEL ROOM RIGHT NOW. Yes, you heard me, […]

Secret Wars Answers the Question “Zombies or Robots?”


Marvel’s ark adds more of everything to the Secret Wars boat.

San Diego Comic-Con Badges came…and went in an hour


It was badge-o-ween this weekend—open registration for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Rather than follow the travail and triumph on twitter, I went and sat in a sauna, but it was the usual. Everything sold out in about an hour — 30 minutes less than last year. There was a new snafu where people had to log in to the member ID to get their registration number…which then crashed the member ID site because people didn’t have it all written out on a piece of paper like they probably should have. Planning, folks.

“Where is my Registration Code? Did you email it to me?”: Nerves abound on badge-o-ween eve

Al Feldstein and JErry Robinson at SDCC 2008

Tomorrow at 9 am pst, noon est the big one gets underway, the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Darby, the Masters — registering for a 2015 San Diego Comic-Con badge. The day before the big event, the con has posted a The Ultimate Comic-Con 2015 Open Online Registration FAQ and let’s be honest, it is made to weed out people who can’t follow instructions:

Comic-Con registration starts on February 21st; new guests


Here it comes! Preliminary instructions for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con open registration is coming next Saturday, 2/21 at 9 am pst. As usual links will be revealed later and you’ll get into a waiting room before being able to get in and purchase tickets. Only THREE PER PERSON this year, which is tough. Here’s some rough guidelines:

UPDATE – Amazing Arizona Con 2015: Deadpool ruled & art crooks were called out


The Valentines State’s first comic con of the year wrapped up over the romantic weekend. Jimmy Jay, Amazing Arizona Comic Con organizer, didn’t let a hallmark holiday get in the way of putting on his three-day annual comic book convention on Friday, Feb. 13 through Sunday, Feb. 15. The event kicked off with an intimate panel with Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane and the New York Times best selling Batman artist, Greg Capullo. They signed someone’s baby.

Angoulême’s attendance is probably smaller than thought


Well, this is a bit of a wounder. I alluded in an earlier post on the Angoulême comics festival that the attendance was being disputed, and in a
must read wrap-up of the 2015 festival Matthias Wivel covers everything and has a much more knowledgable breakdown of the dispute. In the past it has been a tenet of faith that 200,000 people attend the festival, which fills an entire medieval style town on a hill. This number has been cited as a reminder of how the French love their comics, how robust the European comics scene is, and in general how Angoulême is heaven on earth for comics lovers. While all of that remains true, it now seems that festival organizers may have been inflating the attendance a tad and it’s more like…15,000-20,000.

First Look at the Long Beach Comic Expo program cover by The Bean’s Travis Hanson


The Long Beach Comic Expo February 28-March 1st and just announced a great line-up of guests, which you can see below. They also released the cover of the program guide by Travis Hanson, creator of the Eisner nominated story The Bean. It’s a nice mash-up of some creator owned icons.

Special Edition: NYC announces first guests: Reeder, Claremont, Maleev, and more


The second Special Edition: NYC comics-only show from ReedPop runs June 6-7 at Pier 94, and ReedPOP has just announced the first guests: Amy Reeder, Chris Claremont, Alex Maleev, Mark Texeira, Fred Van Lente, Greg Pak, Kevin Maguire and Marguerite Bennett. Tickets for the event go on sale Wednesday, February 4 (THAT”S TODAY)  at 12:00 PM EST. Unlike […]

ComiqueCon Leaps Out: Celebrating Female Creators


Last week, to little or no fanfare, a new convention, ComiqueCon, launched in Dearborn, Michigan with a primary focus on celebrating female comics creators and being a positive space for female fans.

Treating comic con guests right: one creator’s suggestions


Sean Gordon Murphy, a creator no stranger to speaking his mind, has offered a Creators Rights at Conventions , which includes lots of positive stories, but also some rules that suggest some not to great experiences.