What I learned at NYCC ’07

Yes it is the latest and lamest con report ever after hundreds of bloggers have already had their say. What can we say? We’re old and sick and we just couldn’t hack it. But there are a few points that no one has brought up(!) that we thought were still worth mentioning. • CROWDS CAN […]

Colbert on NYCC: “This is penetration!”

Mopping up yet more images, thoughts and generational moments from NYCC ’07. The New York Observer weighs in with a sharply written piece that captures much of the vibe: “This is penetration!” said Stephen Colbert, as he pointed to a poster of himself as Tek Jansen, the hero of a soon-to-be-released comic book. It was […]

NYCC: Day 1 pictures

[Unbelievably, in all the rush these photos were supposed to be posted on Saturday, and they weren’t. Oh well.] Not much chance to take pictures on Friday alas, so these are even more random than usual. Looking out from the rear of Artist’s Alley, through Podcaster’s Alley. Molly Crabapple and friend. We spotted Scott Lobdell […]

NYCC: Voices, visions

Tom has a huge link dump for the just completed second New York Comic-Con, and when we were down and out and too sick to go on we knew it would be okay because afterwards we could just read about what we missed online. Almost better than the real thing. Anyway, you are probably already […]

We’re back!

Alive and more or less in one piece. We had a Black Plague relapse which prevented us from doing much at the con yesterday. We’ll have fuller comments later on, but the major log line is no big disasters, a few smaller ones, and everyone pretty much happy. Attendance guestimates we heard were somewhere in […]

UPDATE from the floor 1:45

Reporting live from the press room at New York Comic-Con. The line this morning was long, but everyone seems to have gotten in. There are traffic jams near Marvel and DC as there would be at any convention, but osmosis has created a fairly consistent density of people throughout the rest of the hall. It’s […]

NYCC: What happened Friday

Not much time to blog this morning. Still at home, but just got a call from someone on the scene who says the line to get in stretches to 40th Street and the West Side Highway. From yesterday, so far no disasters. People were lined up at 7 am to get in, and there was […]


New York Comic-con may well be the first convention in history to sell out before a single fan has been let in. The Saturday of the show is SOLD OUT, as in there are no more advance tickets available. We heard that tickets for Saturday were selling for $75 on eBay but haven’t seen the […]