David Goyer Returning to DC For “Event” Series With Geoff Johns

David Goyer’s been off making movies and TV lately.  He used to write comics, JSA with James Robinson and Geoff Johns.  On the film/TV side, he’s been involved with the Nolan Batman trilogy, the Ghost Rider films and Blade the Series. Incidentally, Blade was a project with Geoff Johns.  And it sounds like he’s getting ready […]


Rick Remender Returns to Creator-Owned Science Fiction With “Devolution”


Rick Remender is getting a lot of press these days for his part in the Marvel Now! relaunch with Uncanny Avengers and Captain America.  That’s not the only thing he’s up to, however.  Remender has a long history of doing creator-owned science fiction and horror.  Titles like Fear Agent and Sea of Red.  Remender is launching another project in his old […]


Fan Q&A Reveals Jim Lee’s Reserved Character List and Other DC Tidbits


There was absolutely no new news in the planned part of the Dan DiDio / Jim Lee panel at NYCC.  When the Q&A starts, though, unplanned news occurs.  Such as:


NYCC12: Day 3: It’s Getting Crazy…


Okay… again, I got up at a decent hour, and made it to the show around 11.  I made the mistake of having the taxi let me off at the curb near the Yellow entrance, and someone with a megaphone berated me.  (Hey, if that’s a problem, get the police to direct traffic.  The taxi […]


NYCC Saturday News Link Roundup

Lots of news on Saturday.  Here are the links in summary.


Cup o’ Joe Announces Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova


Three book announcements at the Cup O’ Joe Panel at NYCC: Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova and Punisher: Nightmare.  No huge surprises, there (Punisher: Nightmare was originally talked about in 2009).


Justice League Panel – Pelletier on Aquaman, a Milestone Meeting (?), The Question is Back


Looks like “Throne of Atlantis” will be continuing through both Justice League and Aquaman for a few issues.  It was also announced that  Paul Pelletier will be the new Aquaman penciller.  And yes, the “Trench” creatures are back from the opening arc of Aquaman.


Agent Coulson Confirmed For SHIELD TV Show + Iron Man Anime Trailer


At the Marvel TV panel at NYCC, Joss Whedon (via video) has confirmed that Clark Gregg will be headlining the SHIELD TV show.  “Phil Coulson, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.” or at at least that’s how they’re hyping the announcement.


Justice League of America Scheduled, Giffen Legion Return Announced at New 52 Panel


A few bits of new information were revealed at DC’s New 52 Panel at NYCC/ DC has confirmed Justice League of America as a February debut.  That’s the previously announced Geoff Johns/David Finch Justice League spin-off.    Executive Editor Bob Harras is referring to them as “the world’s most dangerous superheroes.”


THUNDER Agents, Dr Who event, GI Joe Relaunch at IDW

By LTZ The new York comic Con IDW panel saw a number of announcements, including the news that THUNDER Agents would be relocating to IDW in early 2013, along with a rrlaunch of GI Joe helmed By Fred van Lente. Present for the panel were IDW marketing VP Dirk wood, President Greg Goldstein, Dr Who […]


NYCC: Fred Van Lente and Steve Kurth on G.I. Joe

On IDW’s panel today, it was announced that Fred Van Lente and Steve Kurth will be the creative team on a new #1 for G.I. Joe, coming out in February. Hopefully this one will feature all the Channing Tatum required, lest we be subjected to an 8 month delay as everybody scrambles to Tatum this […]


The *Second* Chicago Bear Comics Writer (This One Has His Own Company)


You may recall that Lance Briggs, All-Pro outside linebacker for the Chicago Bears, is a big comics geek and even co-wrote a comic for Top Cow’s Pilot Season.  It looks like Briggs isn’t the only comics geek on the Bears.   Israel Idonije is a startign defensive lineman (which is to say he might line up at […]


Fialkov Brings The Devilers to Dynamite


You may have noticed Dynamite been announcing a fair number of writers who haven’t worked with the company before.  Time to add another one.  Joshua Fialkov is going to be writing a series called “The Devilers” for Dynamite in 2013.


Image at NYCC: New books from Gillen, McCann, Hickman, Asmus, Fraction, Chaykin, Diggle…..


Image have yet again taken to the stage at a major convention and revealed a number of high-profile titles, this time offering new books from Kieron Gillen and Ryan Kelly, Andy Diggle and Jock, Jim McCann and Janet K. Lee, as well as a number of other writers and artists. Let’s run through them all, […]


Superior Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane


I’m still interested in Dan Slott’s Superior Spider-Man series, despite his apparent gleeful evolution into a Pantomime villain for the internet age. The series, which apparently sees a new character get into the Spider-Man outfit and make it “darker and edgier”, was met by shock and horror, albeit shock and horror and fascination. Slott seems […]


NYCC: Nick Spencer and Luke Ross Relaunch Secret Avengers


You can never have too many Avengers, as today Nick Spencer, Luke Ross and Matthew Wilson were revealed as the creative team for a relaunch of ‘Secret Avengers’. The black-ops team invented by Ed Brubaker will be reinvented once more under Spencer’s pen, with a line-up which includes many ties to the Avengers movie: Nick […]