New York Comic Con 2010: Battling crowds

It’s taken a few days to recover from this year’s New York Comic Con, and recovery has been slowed by the vast number of out-of-towners who have stayed on to hang out and make merry with New York friends. It is a real thrill to know your hometown show has become an attraction for colleagues around the world, and it definitely inspires one get gussied up and make everyone feel welcomed and well lubricated with social beverages.

The time has given me a bit more perspective and enabled me to read and listen to more experiences from the show, and I have to say that when I pegged it as “a complete success” the other day, I was incorrect. NYCC ’10 was a SUCCESS, no question, and from talking to comics exhibitors and New York-loving visitors you might conclude that it was a “complete” success as far as their goals went — exposing their wares to as many potential customers as possible, and drinking as much free alcohol as possible, respectively. I would not gainsay that these are worthy goals, and their accomplishment is praiseworthy, but there were so many other logistical and conceptual problems with the show that its success is almost baffling.

ICv2 Comics and Digital Conference Audio: White Paper

Courtesy of Milton Griepp, we’re happy to present audio of ALL the panels from the ICv2 Conference on Comics and Digital which was held on October 7, 2010. The first part is Griepp’s White Paper:

The ICv2 2010 White Paper Preview This year’s presentation will be a preview of the 2010 market overview planned for early next year, looking at first-half 2010 trends in sales of graphic novels and comics, along with info on digital trends.

This would work better with the accompanying slideshow, but we’re not there with the technology yet. If you listen through however you’ll get analysis on the status of the direct market, bookstores, manga, and digital comics sales. Griepp’s analysis is the industry standard and we think you number crunchers will enjoy this.

The Walking Dead at NYCC

No, that’s not a reference to what I felt like the Sunday after fighting my way across last weekend’s uber-crowded, nerd sweat fueled NYCC convention floor.  Of course, you know that already.  You know what I’m talking about, people.  I’m talking about the highly anticipated AMC TV adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s much beloved comics series, The Walking Dead, […]

More views of NYCC 10

Don’t worry, we’re not going to spend the next five weeks going over reactions to New York Comic Con…probably just this post, our own wrap-up and whatever news fallout emerges. Fun Fact #1: This year, it’s been hard to find personal blog accounts of the show. Like San Diego, NYCC has become the province of a lot of professional bloggers and journos, so even a Google blog search comes up with lots of variations on “Marvel vs Capcom!”.

Fun Fact #2: Even though our own immediate reaction to the show was that it worked for what it was supposed to be, there have been a lot of complaints. This isn’t really surprising — there were a lot of rough patches in security, crowding, scheduling and more — but it shows that the crowd had high expectations for the kind of experience they were going to get, and when it fell short, they felt it.

NYCC 10: 3 1/2 days that changed the world

It’s been a long year of change in the comics industry, and New York Comic Con feels like the end point of an arduous but rewarding journey. We were just doing a search for blogs posts about the show and already found fairly fascinating two think pieces that show the ascendance of nerd culture as a boon — or a threat, depending on how you view it.

NYCC 10 news and notes

§ Hank Kanalz has been promoted to Senior VP-Digital of DC Comics, it was announced at this morning’s DC Nation panel. He was formerly the VP-general manager of the now-shuttered WildStorm imprint, but he’ll be moving to Burbank. § Ape Entertainment has licensed Strawberry Shortcake to go along with Richie Rich. § Brian Bendis and […]