Newsy bits

§ Venture Brothers Season Three Preview soon to be removed by the PTB, for sure. § New SPIRIT trailer! § Marvel announced Monkey thing. § Brian Heater interviews Douglas Rushkoff and Scott McCloud and has a podcast of their panel § Wilson Tortosa will draw the Wolverine manga for Del Rey. § Tokyopop’s new line […]

We knew it

Well, with New York Comic-Con it’s always something. As far as we know, everyone got into the SHOW on Saturday, but gridlock erupted somewhere else. Friday night we wrote: Panels were all well attended — there was a HUGE line to get into the Neil Gaiman speech, while an equally huge crowd was filing out […]

NYCC Day 1

(Above photo taken during the trade only part of theshow…it got WAY more crowed very soon.) Well, we’re just about all paneled out after today. Our day started at 11 am with the “mid sized publishers” panel. Brave Eric Lieb (our boss at Fox Atomic) and heroic James Lucas Jones from ONi made it to […]

“It has started”

Live blogging from the PW booth #1164. Event coordinater Ada Price just wandered back into the booth and murmured “It has started.” The general public was let in about 30 minutes ago and the floors are crowded — not TOO crowded, mind, but crowded. “Bigger space, more costumes,” PWCW writer Trevor Soponis muttered. Indiana Jones, […]

Reminder: McCloud/Rushkoff today

Just as a reminder although its listed on the website as being tomorrow, this is actually being held today: Friday 1:00 PM Room 1E16 Scott McCloud and Doug Rushkoff Join Scott McCloud and Douglas Rushkoff for an hour of debate, theory and commentary on the state of the inudstry. The panel will be moderated by […]

Keeping up with the news

The Beat is going to be tied up most of the day but we’ll update when we can with the latest news. In the meantime both Newsarama and CBR have spiffy new mini-sites to update the show. Live blogging cons? Hey where did THAT idea come from? Anyway, keep checking back!

NYCC: The Beat

Hey here’s what we’re up to at the REALLY BIG SHOW: FRIDAY Friday 11:00 AM Room 1E09 From the Back of the Catalogue to the Top of the Charts As the audience for graphic novels expands, there are more options for creators and readers than ever. James Lucas Jones from Oni, Ross Richie from Boom! […]