SD08: Rob Hanes — S14

Woot! We’ve always enjoyed the adventures of ROB HANES when a new issue comes out. Randy Reynaldo, writer-artist of the long-running independent small press title, Rob Hanes Adventures, will release issue 11 of the series at the the San Diego Comic-Con International. This year’s show coincidentally marks Randy’s 11th appearance at the show as an […]

Tom’s really, really crappy con

As opposed to the people who had a fun time, Tom Spurgeon says NYCC 08 was “bland and pointless, the kind of event that calls into question the entire enterprise more than it makes a case for the ascendancy of a shining new example.”: Trying to limit my time at the show to better enjoy […]

NYCC: Now Voyager

[Photo above from los507.] In about 2 hours 13 minutes and 14 seconds, any mention of last weekend’s New York Comic-Con will be thoroughly passé, as Free Comic Book Day, Iron Man and Stumptown fill the news bins, but in that tiny window I had to get this out of the way, esp. after Kiel […]

NYCC: No indies allowed?

Were indies and lit comics squeezed out of New York Comic-Con? Josh Neufeld says yes. Discuss. I hate to be a hater, BUT I THOUGHT THE NEW YORK COMIC-CON SUCKED! I’ve written approvingly of the con in the past, but it’s been steadily going downhill, and this past weekend was its nadir. When they started […]

Special Report: Women who Kick Ass by Steve Bunche

Special Beat Correspondent Steve Bunche went to the closely-watched “Women Who Kick Ass” panel and explains what happened: Is there any more tired panel that gets regularly dusted off at comics conventions than the totally-beside-the-point “women in comics” forum? When it comes to creating comics, and most other things for that matter, gender is irrelevant […]

NYCC: The Photo Parade

You must see high quality photo streams by Kevin Church — above Bully! And Seth Kushner in a new series he calls “Fandom.” Some more: Marion Vitus with some great photos including the above that shows that the range of diversity in hair color on display from Women in Comics is greater than ever before! […]

NYCC: Other voices, other Leias

Blogospheric round-up: § Paul Levitz: The best part of the con, as always, was simply hanging in the DC booth and walking the halls, talking to old friends from the 95 year old Joe Simon to the 9 year old Nick Pappas Jr., and hearing how people feel about the work I’ve done or that […]


[Photo by John Nee] Don’t laugh: it was magical. NYCC was magical. A lot of it had to do with the weather, which was completely utterly magical. A full moon, dry crisp air, flowers in bloom. Sparkling lights, a bracing breeze that promised adventure. Sunlight that promised laughter. Yesterday morning as I walked to catch […]

64,000 people attend NYCC

Show runner Lance Fensterman blogs: At least 64,000 people attended New York Comic Con this weekend. We have more details to pour through from retailers and on site tickets sales, but as of tonight we know that at least 64,000 attendees were in the building over the weekend. That’s an intense jump from 49,000 last […]

A tale of two rivers

We spent Saturday sitting on a sunny river bank watching loons dive and skim over the surface of the Delaware River. Meanwhile tens of thousands of comic fans were sitting on a sunny glass-enlosed river bank watching loons of another sort duck and dive. (Photo via ComicMix.) We weren’t there, but apparently yesterday at the […]