Comizake Expo rebrands as Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con but who’s got the trademark?


Sten Lee just can’t stay home. Yesterday he trooped down to LA City Hall to make a proclamation. : Stan Lee, creator of Spider-Man and other beloved Marvel superhero characters, made his latest cameo at City Hall Tuesday to promote the re-branding of his Los Angeles-based comics convention. The event previously known as Stan Lee’s […]

Artist Buzz calls for #occupyartistalley movement to stop rip-off print vendors


Something is stirring in Artist Alley. As with every other aspect of the comics business, selling art in Artist Alley has become a lot bigger deal with the increasing number of comics conventions. We’ve all seen the gradually rising banks of prints and sketches poking up, like real estate development gone bad. It wouldn’t be […]

Nerdlebrity apocalypse: Sons of Anarchy cast revolts over non-payment at Space City Comic Con


We’ve reported on many “When a con is crap” moments over the years, but this weekends Space City Comic Con in Houston seems to have combined the biggest ripoffs with the biggest stars for a planned Sons of Anarchy reunion that…well, it didn’t quite pan out, as someone named Ava Jade reports: While talking with […]

Con Wars: Salt Lake and San Diego maybe closer to settling


The ongoing trademark battle between Salt Lake City Comic Con and the San Diego Comic-Con may be closer to settling, although it’s only listed as “promising,” with the judge in the case giving them more time to hash things out mano a mano. The two sides are set to meet with the judge this Wednesday […]

NYCC ’15: Biggest ever with 167,000 tickets sold


I haven’t seen the numbers floated around much, but this year’s NYCC was clearly the biggest ever as show runner Lance Fensterman told me for PW: The 2015 edition of the New York Comic Con was the biggest yet, with 169,000 tickets sold–up from 151,000 in 2014. Along with even more people, the event—held October […]

Are Steve Wozniak and Stan Lee teaming up to overcharge comic con exhibitors?


@TheRealStanLee and @stevewoz team up to overcharge artists and comic creators with insane booth prices at Silicon Valley Comic Con! — Paul Roman Martinez (@PRMartinez19XX) October 13, 2015 Well that’s the charge by artist Paul Roman Martinez, anyway. @robsalk @ICV2 could bonanza be a bubble? Is the con market growing over saturated? I exhibit at […]

Booth removed from Calgary Expo after members derail panels


A new and potentially awful chapter in Con Wars opened up today.

The Honey Badgers are the ladies auxiliary of the MRA (Men’s Rights Advocates) groups, and MRA groups are largely affiliated with GamerGate, the endlessly annoying group that has been fighting diversity behind a shield of anti-censorship for the last since last summer. And sadly this warzone—mostly held on social media until now—just got dragged into the real world of the Calgary Expo.

Mini Con War: MoCCA Festival vs East Coast Comicon


Actually not a con war, but a curiosity of scheduling with both the MoCCA Festival and Crucial Entertainment East Coast Comicon in the Meadowlands both scheduled for this weekend. When I originally heard about the scheduling I was told that it had all been worked out and there was no beef, but it’s still unfortunate […]

CONsolidation: MegaCon purchased by Informa


Continuing the trend of mid-size cons joining larger event organizations, MegaCon, the very popular yearly event held in Orlando each year, has been sold to Informa, a multinational media event company that previously purchased the FanExpo events in Canada and the Dallas Comic Con. Widely admired show runner Beth Widera will remain as Executive Director. […]

Has the great comic-con contraction begun?


What goes up, must deal with thinner oxygen at higher atmospheres. The last two years have seen unprecedented growth in comic cons/ media events around the world, with many showing spectacular growth.

But as we keep pointing out in our “When a con is crap” recurring feature, this also means a lot of fly by nighters and unprepared rookies are jumping in and not achieving the results they might have hoped for. And along the way, unsuspecting vendors, guests and attendees are getting caught holding the empty oxygen tank.