On The Scene: My Escape Into Another World at C2E2


by Seth Ferranti – – If C2E2 was a race I was in it to win it. As I stood in the long line waiting to get in, I felt like I was being herded like cattle. But instead of cattle around me, I turned to my right and there was Captain America, or at least a facsimile of him. A C2E2 staff member bellowed on a megaphone, “Move up closer to the people next to you. More people have to fit in. If you don’t move up I’m going to tell you the ending of Daredevil.”

C2E2 2015: Where Everything Is! (With Secret Insider Hints!) UPDATE

C2E2 2015 MCP

C2E2’s on once again, and just like your favorite superhero who is–yet isn’t–quite the same, it’s being held again in the same place, but different.  (Oh, how I await the day when it takes up the entire complex!  2.6 MILLION sq.ft. of exhibit space!  60 acres! 45 football fields!  Can you imagine the programming going […]

C2E2 2015: Get Inked By Stan!

stan lee tattoo

C2E2 has hosted Ink Fusion before, and this year, things get rather interesting! As the site says: Join the legendary Stan Lee, as he teams up with Ink-Fusion creator Marc Draven and his Empire of artists to offer a once in a life time chance for a tattoo drawn by Stan Lee himself! Raffle tickets […]