PSX’16: The #Sweet6 games of PlayStation Experience 2016


What a show PSX 2016 was. Between the major announcements, tournaments, panels, and autograph signings, I managed to play an awful lot of games on the show floor. Thanks to the magic of scheduling, I was able to get hands-on with nearly 40 out of the over 100 games on the PSX floor from developers […]

Fans for Accessible Conventions offers suggestions for making cons available to all


As comic con culture grows, and more inexperienced show runners get into the game, it’s worth pointing out that accessibility issues are incredibly important to con goers. Comics have long had a devoted following among the physically challenged, and going to conventions is a key part of fandom for this group. The San Diego Comic Con […]

Digging a little more into the Wizard World situation


Rob Salkowitz has an analysis of the current financial maneuvers at Wizard World, including the $2.5 million financing by chairman Paul Kessler we reported on yesterday. Since our understanding of finances extends to the level of “Starbucks is more expensive at airports” you might enjoy his analysis: So, to summarize, Wizard has borrowed nearly $2.5 […]

Wizard World chairman Kessler sinks $2.5 million into the company as “mom and pop” days are over


Thing have been looking pretty turbulent over at convention company Wizard World, with cash flow problems and office shut downs, but chairman Paul Kessler, who has been on the board since 2013 and was named Chairman in April of this year, has just come to the rescue via financing agreement with his company Bristol Investment […]

PlayStation Experience 2016: Sony’s Summer Camp Fun in December.


The PlayStation nation, PlayStation Underground, Suplex City:PSN County; whatever buzz phrase Sony marketing can cook up to label their fans, the results have been something to behold. Over 40 million PlayStation 4 systems sold has harvested quite a community of loyal globetrotting followers. Many from around the world descended upon Anaheim California for the third […]

2017 Amazing Arizona and Amazing Houston Comic Cons cancelled in a saturated market


The warning signs of an oversaturated convention market have been everywhere of late, from Wizard’s tightening its belt to the Rewind Con debacle, but now two already established shows from a reliable convention promoter, Jimmy Jay’s Amazing Comic Cons, are being cancelled in 2017. Amazing Arizona Comic Con, planned for February 18-19, 2017 in Phoenix […]

Preview: This weekend, Experience PlayStation in the house of mouse’s backyard.


This weekend PlayStation holds the third annual PlayStation Experience. Think of it as the ultimate online meetup IRL. It’s two days of playing video games and meeting the people who make them for all the PlayStation systems. Here’s our preview of the upcoming show taking over the Anaheim Convention Center. PSX is about playing games! […]

Wizard World cash flow issues close down New York Office


Barry Bostwick a.k.a. Brad Majors from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, during his panel at #WizardWorldPittsburgh! 👄👠😎 A photo posted by Wizard World (@wizardworld) on Nov 5, 2016 at 2:30pm PDT   Ever since Wizard World’s lawsuit against former CMO Stephen Shamus was made public, you can bet there has been a lot of gossip flying […]