#SDCC ’16 Interview: Legendary Original Composers for DC’s “Batman: The Animated Series” Speak about Working on the “Batman: The Killing Joke” Movie and with Mark Hamill


Michael McCuistion, Lolita Ritmanis and Kristopher Carter: Courtesy of Tech Times. Yesterday, the highly anticipated animated movie Batman: The Killing Joke became available for HD digital download, having just premiered in movie theatres around the US the day before as a part of Fathom Events. San Diego Comic-Con attendees got the pleasure of having the […]

A 13 foot high bronze statue of Captain America will soon be erected in Brooklyn


Well, to be more precise, it’s probably going to be a 13-foot high statue of Chris Evans — not that there’s anything wrong with that. As USA Today reports, the 1-ton statue will debut at Comic-Con at the Marvel booth before gong on a cross-country odyssey that will end in Prospect Park, Brooklyn on August […]

Gruesome Hollywood murder was foreshadowed in a graphic novel


Look for this one to be on the Oxygen channel before long: the suspect in a gruesome Hollywood murder with ties to everything from Mel Brooks to the Olympics is being called by some the “graphic novel murderer.” Director/author Blake Leibel was charged with murder, mayhem, aggravated mayhem and torture after the body of his […]

When Jack Kirby drew Captain America saluting Adolf Hitler


Hate and outrage have defeated love and optimism yet again.

On Monday it was suggested that Marvel had a story trick up their sleeve that would steal the spotlight from DC’s ramming-speed publicity blitz for its revamped universe and Rebirth #1.

A shocking!!! plot twist in Captain America Steve Rogers #1 that revealed Steve was really a Hydra agent all along seemed unlikely to unseat a wholesale rewriting of ten years of DC history, along with a shocking Alan Moore related plot twist.

But, today we have a genuine tweet storm and think piece blitz, all wrapped in a bow

Review: Japanese artist Rokudenashiko charts the real obscenity in her memoir


Just yesterday it was reported that a Japanese court had found artist Rokudenashiko’s vagina figurines to be considered art and not obscenity, but less stressed in the headlines was that the court also found her guilty of “distributing digital data of indecent material” and hit her with a fine. It’s that last case that is […]

French publishers threaten to start their own festival as Minister of Culture agrees to meet with them


L’Affaire de Angoulême continues and will not stop. As we reported yesterday, 40 French publishers — basically all the important players in France— have said they will boycott the 2017 festival if changes are not made. According to an interview in Le Monde, Guy Delcourt, owner of Delcourt, one of the biggest French publishers and head […]

Sattouf, Clowes, Burns, Davodeau and Sfar and even MIlo Manara withdraw from Grand Prix in suport of boycott


As reported yesterday, there has been international consternation over the 016 list of nominees for the Grand Prix, the lifetime achievement awards for cartoonists presented each year at the FIBD in Angoulême. While it broadened its scope from past years in including more non-French artists—including more manga-ka—it was 30 men, and that has led to […]

Opinion: Why The Force Awakens is a retread of The Phantom Menace


by John Patrick Green [Discussing the meanings and symbology of Star Wars The Force Awakens has become a national passtime, and i the interests of leaving nofacet of this cultural landmark unexamined, our resident Stawr Wars expoert John Patrick Green has put forth a radical new theory, which you can read below.]   So the movie […]

FIght! Ted Cruz vs Ann Telnaes


This presidential campaign seems to be all about optics so here’s a good one. Although there is a loose prohibition against involving the kids of presidential aspirants in campaign mudslinging, it sometimes slips when someone in the party you don’t like does something stupid. In this case Ted Cruz put his two daughters (ages 5 […]