Couple more best of decade projects

We’re about to get out of town and looks like most everyone else has, but there are a couple of good links to keep you going over the holidays. Tom Spurgeon is running a series of interviews with prominent comics critics, each examining one of the most prominent comics of the decade. So far: Sean […]

More best of the year, decade, longbox…whatevs!

“Best of” lists are coming at us thick and fast! Catch ’em all! And then complain! • Whitney Matheson has her best of the year list, and we guarantee it is unlike any other list you’ll see. • Whitney is also doing her mind-boggling 100 most inetresting people of the year feature which includes Lilli […]

Collins! What is best in comics?

If you thought yesterday’s A.V. Club Best Comics of the Aughts list was going to tiptoe by unnoticed and uncommented on, you were wide of the mark by a fair bit. Sean T. Collins delivers a total smackdown, from the lack of manga to the last of KRAMERS ERGOT to the lack of an ordered […]

The Onion A.V. Club’s Best Comics of the Decade

The A.V. Club’s Onion’s month-long series of looks back gets to comics with 25 Best Comics and 5 Best Archival editions. As the first official, thought out “Best of” for the Aughts of Comics, it’s a solid list, if genre heavy…NO SCOTT PILGRIM? Really???? The book that summed up the decade’s mishmash of media and […]