Review: 5 comics that grabbed my attention this week


Our Mother by Luke Howard Comics has become the territory of many examinations of mental health in regard to personal history, and each manifestation of this is going to be as varied as the individuals tackling it. Luke Howard takes an immensely refreshing approach by splitting up the details into various comics of different genres and […]

Review: Libby’s Dad – Eleanor Davis on Limited Perspectives of Childhood


There’s a fantastic moment early in Libby’s Dad, Eleanor Davies latest comic, in which one of the girls attending a birthday party is wondering why their friend Taylor, who normally hangs out with them, is absent from the party. What follows is a surreal exchange where the other girls whispers hearsay and the girl mistake this gossip as the truth of a wiser, slightly older kid.

Review: Sophie Goldstein’s progressive science fiction


House of Women and The Oven by Sophie Goldstein I haven’t encountered much chatter about Sophie Goldstein’s extraordinary, smart, beautiful three-part comic House of Women, but I’m hoping that changes. Goldstein’s use of science fiction as a springboard to examine numerous ideas, particularly gender-related issues and colonialism, is exquisite, with an understanding that the fantastical […]

Review: Jessica Campbell is so judgmental


I’ve been a big fan of Jessica Campbell’s work since I read her Oily Comics debut My Sincerest Apologies, and what her output lacks in girth it more than makes up for in originality. I don’t think there’s anyone else in comics quite like her, more often than not attuned to offering humor collections with […]

Review: Uncivilized Books demands more of its readers


Houses Of The Holy by Caitlin Skaalrud Caitlin Skaalrud’s Houses Of The Holy is, on its a surface, a psychedelic and psychological journey through the mind of a woman, with a heavy visual focus that carries a dreamlike surrealism of an almost Felliniesque quality. The idea, from the descriptions, is that this is a plunge […]

Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise returns in 2018


Appearing at a spotlight panel at the Paris Comic Con, Terry Moore revealed that after he finishes his series Motor Girl (which debuts next month), he’ll return to Strangers in Paradise in 2018 for the series’ 25th anniversary. (Has it really been that long? Ayieeee.) You can view the panel in a Periscope, LIVE on […]

Alan Moore’s Secret Q&A Cult Exposed! Part IV: At Last the Truth Can Be Told!!!!!

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I had intended to post up the Q&A exchanges involved in this, a few at a time, over the summer months, but inevitably time got the better of me, so I’m posting all of the rest of them in one go, although that’s going to be one very long – 12,000 plus words – read. […]

Review: Baltic comics anthology S! #25 works its artful magic on Manga


This collection of gaijin mangaka — that is, Manga style comics made by non-Japanese creators — who graduated to the style of Gekiga — that is, serious dramatic Manga, as opposed to, say, Sailor Moon. It’s a heavy and obtuse collection, with many of the creators taking stylistic cues from the form, but infusing it […]

Review: Seitchik’s ‘Exits’ offers invisibility as the beginning of transformation


In Exits, Daryl Seitchik takes a fairly obvious, well-worn bit of symbolism and manages to make the readers’ familiarity with it into one of the work’s strengths. After a traumatic day Claire turns invisible, finding herself slipped into a phantom world, with her corporeal existence fading away, and what’s left of her consciousness, though unseen, […]