REVIEW: MS. MARVEL #13’s Statement on Civic Engagement is Great but Late


Ms Marvel #13 Writer: G. Willow Wilson Artist: Mirka Andolfo Colorist: Ian Herring Letterer: Joe Caramagna It’s hard to believe that Kamala Khan’s story is just three years old.  Under the steady hand of writer G. Willow Wilson and a number of excellent artists, most notably Adrian Alphona, Kamala’s character has already made an indelible impact on the Marvel universe […]

Review: Turning the mirror on journalism


Having worked as a journalist since the late 1990s, I have found that most people have no clue about how news organizations work, which leads to a lot of confusion about how the news gets delivered and why certain news gets delivered while other news does not. There are tons of intricacies we could go […]

Review: Libby’s Dad – Eleanor Davis on Limited Perspectives of Childhood


There’s a fantastic moment early in Libby’s Dad, Eleanor Davies latest comic, in which one of the girls attending a birthday party is wondering why their friend Taylor, who normally hangs out with them, is absent from the party. What follows is a surreal exchange where the other girls whispers hearsay and the girl mistake this gossip as the truth of a wiser, slightly older kid.

Review: Sophie Goldstein’s progressive science fiction


House of Women and The Oven by Sophie Goldstein I haven’t encountered much chatter about Sophie Goldstein’s extraordinary, smart, beautiful three-part comic House of Women, but I’m hoping that changes. Goldstein’s use of science fiction as a springboard to examine numerous ideas, particularly gender-related issues and colonialism, is exquisite, with an understanding that the fantastical […]

INTERVIEW: Samuel Sattin on letting stories off the leash in LEGEND


Earlier this year, Z2 Comics published the first comic book written by novelist Samuel Sattin, Legend. This week, the publisher is putting out the series’ first collection as Legend Vol 1 prints issues 1-5 for fans of binge reading. Sattin’s tale is about a world where the animals have inherited the Earth after humanity was wiped out by […]

Webcomic Alert: Sledgehammer Pt. 1 – Sam Alden is back!!!


At CAB this year I was talking to a few people asking, “Whatever happened to Sam Alden?” Alden burst on the scene a few years ago with an astonishing leap  from the Best American Comics’s short listed Haunter to such disturbing and unforgettable books as It Never Happened Again and New Construction: Two More Stories . But then, like […]