The Watchtower: Comic-Con – Special Star Wars Edition

Star Wars Ruined Comic-Con!

Guggenheim’s Nowhere Man is somewhere again, three years later

The week before a big movie release is the traditional time for announcements of new projects for those involved; it’s a magical time when the entertainment world’s attention is turned to you, but before possible tankage or bad news, when there’s a world of opportunity for those with vision.

Thus it is that Deadline today announced that GREEN LANTERN writer Marc Guggenheim was launching his comics series NOWHERE MAN:

Anatomy of a Press Release, Part 2: Disney DROPS Radical's OBLIVION

Back in August, 2010, we told you all about the story behind OBLIVION, a graphic novel concept by director Joe Kosinski (TRON: LEGACY) that was optioned to Disney Studios for a cool $500,000. It seemed like a lot of money for yet another “celebrity comic” so what was so hot about it? At the time we wrote:

Nice Art: Dune by Sienkiewicz, and more Dune Comics

This link has been making the rounds and why not? The 1985 comics adaptation of David Lynch’s DUNE drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz. Yes.

NOW with added Moebius and Paul Pope.

Nice Art: Ben Templesmith's BLACK SKY teaser

“Black Sky” is a new “illustrated film” project by Ben Templesmith from Halo-8 Entertainment, the production company that seems to have a hand in a lot of interesting comics-esque related things, like the Grant Morrison documentary and so on. The first teaser image have just been released:

What's up at: Universal

You know Disney and WB have comic book companies, and Fox and Paramount have dabbled with their own comics in the past, but what about Universal? They’re putting out at least one comics-y type thing, even if it’s coming out from their Universal Studios branch as part of Halloween hoopla. Vampyre: Castle of the Undead (Blood Secrets of the Iron Guard), is not only the longest title ever but also the first graphic novella to be based on a Halloween theme park maze, we’re told. Patrick Ian Moore is listed as artist.

BOOK OF ELI gets the graphic novel feeling

As reported many places the upcoming post-apocalyptic actioner BOOK OF ELI starring Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman has a significant comics tie-in as both Chris Weston and Tommy Lee Edwards contributed significant amounts of concept art. Now both have created motion comics to support the film, which opens on January 15th. Here’s Chapter 1 by […]

Liquid reemerges with graphic novel slate

You remember Virgin Comics — a celebrity-driven line of periodicals and GNs by such folks as Nicolas Cage, Jenna Jameson, Dave Stewart, and so on? When Virgin broke up a while ago it morphed into Liquid Comics, a smaller company run by Virgin’s principals with similar development goals. Liquid was announced in Sept. 2008 and […]

Video game director gets his paws on comics, movies

The most successful entertainment offering of all time is not a film franchise or a TV show featuring Simon Cowell. It’s the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 which has grossed $3 billion worldwide since it was released on November 10. Holy samoleons. While video game movies have failed to replicate or exceed […]

Will TAMARA DREWE be THE comic-book movie of 2010?

We haven’t given nearly enough coverage to Stephen Frears’movie adaptation of Posy Simmonds‘ brilliant Tamara Drewe graphic novel, but this is probably the most lit/comix-approved movie since GHOST WORLD. Variety reports that the movie has been picked up for US distribution by Sony after a modest bidding war. The title role will be played by […]

PINEAPPLE EXPRESS director to add comic book movie to portfolio

In today’s Option News, David Gordon Green is set to direct FREAKS OF THE HEARTLAND, a film based on the Dark Horse graphic novel by Steve Niles and Greg Ruth. Illustrated by Greg Ruth, Niles’ six-part 2004 series about the horrible secret of a rural Middle American town involves Trevor Owen’s attempts to protect his […]

That special sensibility

Puttering around here on various projects, like PW Comics Week, a general sense of sadness is overtaking us. Adding up today’s postings, it turns out that in Hollywood, messing with one detail of a beloved comic book classic is enough to give a director flop sweats; whereas removing the structures that made one of the […]

MoCCA: Harvest Is When I Need You The Most

Okay here’s one of those oddball pop culture anthologies: Harvest Is When I Need You The Most: Harvest Is When I Need You the Most, features the talent of 8 cartoonists paying homage to the original Star Wars trilogy. The 36 page, full color book releases at MoCCA Art Fest 2008, and will available for […]

More on Kingdom Comics

The keepers of the enw Kingdom Comics line at Disney, Ahmet Zappa and Christian Beranek, showed up at WW Philly and revealed more of their plans: When asked how the duo would deal with the use of Disney’s beloved characters, Zappa responded, “We’re not trying to make Mickey Mouse comics. The goal of Kingdom Comics […]