B&N offers huge sale on DC trade paperbacks


Looking to fill in some holes in your DC graphic novel collection?

Barnes & Noble may have what you’re looking for.

Coming Attractions: Winter 2013: Macmillan, and Friends


___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Macmillan is one of the “Big Six” book publishers.  In addition to their own imprints, such as First Second, they also distribute a variety of other publishers, such as Seven Seas, Drawn + Quarterly, and Papercutz. What follows are books scheduled for the first third of 2013.  All information [aside from my bracketed […]

More details of Bryan Lee O’Malley Seconds revealed…perhaps a little early.


Aside from releasing the above print for Comic-Con, Bryan Lee O’Malley has remained very tight-lipped about his upcoming graphic novel, SECONDS, to be published by Random House in 2013. With his post-Scott Pilgrim profile just growing and growing the book is sure to be the object of much attention. Thus it was surprising that an interview at the Random House Canada site was posted yesterday with many details on the book. And in fact the interview has since been taken down. But not before every website in town picked up on the details:

Column: My son and Batman


I haven’t written a post for The Beat in quite some time; I have been working, writing and trying to start up some new businesses – but more on that another time. I am writing because of what happened in Colorado and because today is my son’s birthday. And for those of you I don’t know – I am a former DC Comics employee.

My son has been looking forward to both his birthday and The Dark Knight Rises. In fact he has invited a few of his friends to go with him tonight to see the film. As I write this he is playing Batman: Arkham City, and when I got home last night he was watching The Dark Knight. I also noticed a stack of Batman graphic novels stacked on the dining room table.

Sales Charts: Barnes & Noble Graphic Novel Bestsellers: June 2012


Once again, I peruse the Barnes & Noble website, taking a look at what is selling.

There are quite a few surprises this month, including some kids books!

Book Expo America 2012: MY Three-Day Vacation in Bookland


Book Expo America 2012 just concluded here in New York, and once again it’s been an interesting trade show. Some stuff was normal, some was new, and overall, I felt it was a good show. My thoughts and discoveries follow.

Coming Attractions: Book Expo America: The Hottest Graphic Novels of 2012!


Once a year, booksellers, librarians, and assorted biblios assemble at Book Expo America, the largest publishing trade show in North America. 2012 marks the tenth anniversary of the graphic novel pavilion at BEA, and while many graphic novel publishers are absent, there are many more “mainstream” publishers offering an amazing multitude of titles, genres, subjects, and audiences!

This year, John Hogan of Graphic Novel Reporter hosts The Hottest Graphic Novels of 2012! panel, where a team of five diverse individuals recommend a variety of graphic novels due to be published in 2012! Last year’s selections got lots of press and accolades, and quite a few of the titles below seem to be just as interesting and intriguing!

Coming Attractions: Fall 2012: Macmillan!!


Oh, man… so much good stuff coming from Macmillan! And they’re not even known for publishing graphic novels! Scan this list, and tell us what makes you squeel with joy!

Coming Attractions: February 2012: Part Three


Here it is, the stunning conclusion of new titles shipping in February!

Since this is Oscars weekend, I’ve included some award winners below! Hugo! Edgar! Carnegie! Stoker! Even Shamus! (No, not that one!)

Lots of adaptations! One is a comic based on a movie based on a prose novel!

Coming Attractions: February 2012: Marvel Publishes Justice League Zombies, DC Publishes Captain America and the Silver Surfer!


New collections from Marvel, including a storyline which takes place between paragraphs in another book! And the Justice League as zombies!

New Titles from DC, including Silver Surfer and Captain America!

Beat Exclusive: Warlord of Mars: Fall of Barsoom Extended Preview


You may have noticed the Warlord of Mars, Fall of Barsoom tpb was in stores today. Maybe you’d like to read the first issue and see if you like it?

Coming Attractions: Mid-Winter 2012 Library Edition


Here’s what I discovered at the recent American Library Association Mid-Winter conference in Dallas, Texas! Librarians are rocking the graphic novels!

Superman: Earth One – Volume Two Announced for 2012


After announcing Batman: Earth One, DC follows up by announcing the second volume of the JMS/Shane Davis Superman: Earth One graphic novel series. The first volume of this Superman reboot sold VERY well and made a strong case for original graphic novels in the superhero genre. (As opposed to Vertigo’s Sandman and Fables offerings.) While the Batman volume appears to be set for July, no date seems to be released for Superman:Earth One. Volume 1 was released in November 2010, so it would make sense if this were another late fall/holiday gift release.

Iron Man 2.0 Vol. 1: Palmer Addley Is Dead – A Book With Multiple Plot Disorder


I happened across Iron Man 2.0 Vol. 1: Palmer Addley Is Dead at the library and thought I’d give it a go. I’d given the monthly version a look, but it hadn’t held my attention. Sometimes, a comic reads better as a book and I’ve enjoyed Nick Spencer’s T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents and Infinite Vacation.

Tales of the Batman: Gene Colan – The Difference Between an Art Book and a Graphic Novel


By Todd Allen Back in August, DC released the “TALES OF BATMAN: GENE COLAN VOL. 1” hardcover book. This book reprints Batman #340, 343-345, 348-351 and Detective Comics #510, 512, 517, 528 and 529. As we see a trend towards naming collections of a title by the creator(s),we come across a little glitch.  When collecting […]

Looking at Venom by Rick Remender Vol. 1


“Venom by Rick Remender Vol. 1” is not the flashiest title ever conceived for a book (pun intended). There’s a trend of breaking up titles runs by creator. Over at Marvel, you’ve got “Ultimate Comics Spider-Man by Brian Michael Bendis,” “Moon Knight by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev,” and so forth. Over at DC, You’ve got “Tales of the Batman” volumes for Gene Colan and Don Newton. I suppose it’s good for branding the work of a particular creator on a series, though it’s the rare title like Moon Knight that’s spreading the love between both writers and artists. We’ll see how long this naming trend sticks around and whether more heavily promoted storylines are collected under the creators’ names (as of this writing, it’s Spider-Man: Spider Island, not Dan Slott’s Spider-Man Vol. *.*”)

Venom by Rick Remender has Remender on writing chores, with the art split between Tony Moore and Tom Fowler, and a variety of inkers on Moore. I pulled this volume out of the library on a lark and it turned out to be a much deeper read than I was expecting.