Coming Attractions: Fall 2011: Marvel

Continuing the review, I turn my attention to Marvel. They don’t usually have a strong Holiday list, instead relying on licensed products to sell in bookstores. They even have a tendency to take what would be big ticket gift items like omnibus hardcovers and schedule them for January! No big gift books on the radar, so I wonder if anything will pop when people surf on Cyber Monday.

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits – 8/29/11

Wossy wites; Morrison’s secret Ware-loving past; can LA ever host a good comics show?

Quick hits: retailers, Morrison v. Ware, Kirby

New developments in the Atomic bankruptcy and Grant Morrison vs Chris Ware, and a new take on Kirby/Lee.

Fight! Grant Morrison vs Chris Ware

Well not really a fight, more of a strafing run, since it’s unlikly Chris Ware will ever be asked about Grant Morrison in an interview. While on his voluble book publicity tour, Scottish superstar Grant Morrison continues to drop quotable bombs to be picked up by websites worldwide. Today the battlefield is Rolling Stone, where he comes clean on Chris Ware; the Acme Novelty Library genius, known for his grim vivisection of human futility, is not Morrison’s cuppa Earl Grey tea.

To do 8/6: Grant Morrison at Isotope

Isotope Comics in San Francisco is hosting a MASSIVE epic this Saturday with Grant Morrison as he winds down his SUPERGODS tour. The event includes an all-ages signing from 2-5, followed by a night-time hangout that features the amazing lo-ball glasses designed by Cameron Stewart and Sonia Harris, designer of BUTCHER BAKER, THE RIGHTEOUS MAKER.

Coming Attractions: July 2011

So much good stuff! Bestselling author Christopher Moore writes a graphic novel! Ray Bradbury, Grandmaster, has two classics adapted! Grant Morrison writes about superheroes and religion! Disney and Hitler, together again! Girlie comics from Marvel! “Good Girl” comics from Jim Silke, Doug Sneyd, and Dean Yeagle! Great Women comics from Gail Simone, Colleen Coover, Megan Kelso, Jill Thompson, and Corinne Mucha! (Can’t find female creators on the newsstands? Check the bookshelves!) And lots of masterful work from Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Jim Starlin, and Floyd Gottfredson!

Grant Morrison: Seaguy’s my Watchmen

Props to the Mindless Ones for transcribing this interview — recording the soft-spoken heavily accented Morrison is bad enough but when it’s from a mike by a speaker phone…really guys, what WERE you thinking? Have you ever heard of SKYPE?

The Legal View: From Superman to Supergods with Grant Morrison

By Jeff Trexler– In March 2008, Grant Morrison’s homage to Siegel and Shuster appeared in comic shops on the very same day that the Siegel heirs recaptured half the original Superman copyright.  Now Morrison is set to work his shaman’s magic once again in the September relaunch of Action #1–and this time, the Siegels could lose everything.

Morrison’s upcoming Supergods holds the key to understanding why. For an explanation and a sneak preview of Morrison’s new book, click below. A mysterious appeal, Joe Shuster’s super-swastika and the final crisis of the legal multiverse–this one has it all.

VIDEO: Grant Morrison talks Superman

DC has released the video of Grant Morrison from the Hero Complex Film Festival talking about Superman. Since Morrison has already reinvented Superman once with ALL-STAR, this is familiar but welcome territory.

Morrison and Morales get some Action

The final pieces of the DC relaunch are revealed over at Hero Complex, and #52 is revealed as the Grant Morrison/Rags Morales ACTION COMICS #1. A whole new backstory for Superman is teased — probably to be spelled out at tomorrow’s Jim Lee/Geoff Johns event for the LA Times. Dan DiDio also gives a new big picture statement.

Grant Morrison to write ALIENS VS DINOSAURS

Hollywood is a tough place. Grant Morrison may be a god of comics — the most inventive superhero idea smith since Kirby, even — and his new book about superheroes called SUPERGODS just got a starred review in Publishers Weekly. He’s been out in Hollywood for a few years, working on such advanced ideas as […]

Arsenic-eating bacteria life form in NASA shocker!

Grant Morrison was right!

Grant Morrison, king of all media

Speaking of Morrison, …he’s joined Twitter. The @grantmorrison account was previously run by a fan, but it’s been handed over to the real King Mob.

Morrison menaces MCR in full length video

Previously, teased, the full length video for My Chemical Romance’s “Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)” has just been released, featuring band members in a post-apocalyptic desert chase with a villain portrayed by Grant Morrison. There’s apparently more adventure to come as the band members all have new fantasy personas (think Gorillaz) and a new album called Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. The clip was co-directed by frontman/writer Gerard Way and Roboshobo, and definitely seems to have been storyboarded by a mutant combination of Paul Pope and George Miller, featuring a storyline filled with ray guns, roller skating and vampires.

Grant Morrison vs My Chemical Romance in new video

The BATMAN writer is the bad guy in a new MCR video? And here we always thought he was a force for good.

SD10: Friday — The Big Two


For those who love GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (and who doesn’t), Rocket Raccoon and Groot are getting their own four-issue miniseries this January entitled (wait for it)… ROCKET RACCOON & GROOT.