Webcomic alert: Park Slope Family Circus


Okay I guess you have to live in or around Brooklyn, land of entitled single child families and artisinal everything—to get Park Slope Family Circus…but maybe not. Park Slope is a region of Brooklyn that is near both a park and a slope. Streets full of elegant brownstones have led to a well-to-do suburban population […]

This Weekend: Pittsburgh is Comics Town USA with NCS in town


[Art: Tom Richmond cover for the NCS conference with Mo Willems, Brad Anderson, Drew Freidman, Jason Chatfield, Lee Salem, Rob Rogers, Joe Wos and Terri Libenson.] This weekend the traditional Memorial Day annual meeting of the National Cartoonists Society will be held in Pittsburgh, PA. Although Saturday’s Reuben Awards banquet is a private affair, the […]

National Cartoonists Society announces Reuben nominees

National Cartoonists Society

While the three nominees for THE Reuben, the top award of the year from the National Cartoonists Society, have been announced —and they are Brian Crane, Rick Kirkman and Stephan Pastis, the NCS has just announced the nominees in the divisional races. Many familiar names in many catgories, and the new spliut wbcomics division—one for long form and one for short form—makes is debut.

Kickwatcher: Guy Adams and Jimmy Broxton Present GOLDTIGER


Here’s a real Kickstarter based on a fake artist whose real work has been forged by Guy Adams and Jimmy Broxton, both of whom are real living people and are not figments of fiction, unlike the artist who didn’t draw this comic strip, because he never existed. Got that? This is GOLDTIGER.

Erin Polgreen has a gorgeous Krazy Kat lamp


It’s a one of a kind gift, so don’t go looking for one.

Tom Tomorrow wins Herblock prize


Tom Tomorrow, creator of This Modern World, is this year’s Herblock Prize winner. Established in 2004, and nemed for famed editorial cartoonist Herblock, the prize is given for distinguished examples of editorial cartooning that exemplify the courageous standard set by Herblock and is judged by a panel of outside experts. The finalist this year was Jack Ohman, who left his post at The Oregonian last year.

Nice art: Jackie Ormes!


The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum Blog has a nice post onJackie Ormes, creator of Torchy and the first African-American woman cartoonist of note. And she did get note in her day:

Meet your new Annie: Quvenzhane Wallis


That sturdy comic strip-to-stage-to-movie warhorse Little Orphan Annie is getting a remake and now a star: Quvenzhane Wallis. he Beast of the Southern Wild star, the youngest ever Best Actress Oscar nominee, will star in a modernized remake of the stage musical. 9-year-old Wallis attended last nights Oscars looking fine, and appropriate and carrying a puppy purse.

Process: Jeffrey Brown’s Vader’s Little Princess


Following up on last year’s bestselling Vader and Son, Jeffrey Brown is back this April with Vader’s Little Princess a series of gags based on Vader as dad to little Leia, from toddler to teen. Art Director Steve Mockus has a process post on putting together the book’s cover; since it covered an age range the idea wasn’t immediately apparent.

Analysis: New York Times Bestsellers: Graphic Books: Hardcovers 2012


So as the new year approaches, I continue my look back at the graphic novels which made the New York Times bestseller lists in 2012.

Go listen: BBC presents Modesty Blaise radio drama


When it comes to kickass heroines, Modesty Blaise stands with the best of them. Originally created as a Brit comic strip in 1963 by Peter O’Donnell and Jim Holdaway, espionage agent Modesty was the female James Bond, stylish, sexy and very Sixties. Since then she’s been adapted into novels and mostly forgettable movies (although Tarantino […]

The Boston Phoenix pulls comics over sponsor issue — UPDATED


Karl Stevens’ comic page Failure has been cancelled by the Boston Phoenix, where it had run for the last few years, replacing another strip by Stevens known as “Whatever.” The reason, reportedly, is because the above strip insulted an advertiser, Bud Light.

Best Comics of 2012: Washington Post

pearls swine freak out

Well, the year is winding down, and with it comes the annual “Best Of” lists from various websites and media.  Publishers Weekly led the charge, issuing an actual graphic novel listing within their greater big list, with Chris Ware’s Unbuilding making the overall “Best Books” listing. Yesterday, the Washington Post released their list, and it […]

Coming Attractions: Fall 2012: Random House

The New Yorker learns why they call it FACEbook and not NIPPLEbook

For those of you who think New Yorker humor is inscrutable, cartoon editor Robert Mankoff’s recent post on Nipplegate could generally put the ROFL in anyone’s MAO.

Maakies didn’t end


Just in case you were wondering, last week’s Farewell strip for Maakies was just another prank by creator Tony Millionaire, and the strip is still going strong. Great news!

Last Thursday, Millionaire posted the above script, provoking cries of anguish on Twitter along the lines of “Why Tony, why?”