The Nib is Fine, and K.C. Green is fine too


I can’t really improve on this NYT story by Katie Rogers on the recent use of K.C. Green’s “I’m Fine” meme in regards to the GOP convention, except maybe give it a more comics centric spin. (It’s common for musicians to criticize a political candidate’s use of their song, but a cartoonist criticizing the use […]

Exclusive: More on Cerebus in Hell? and The Beat’s very own personalized Cerebus comic strip


Last week we told you about Cerebus in Hell #0, a new “fumetti” style comic strip by Dave Sim and Sandeep Atwal that uses Gustave Dore’s art and Sim’s captions to reveal the earthpig’s descent into the afterlife in a darkly humorous fashion. There will be a one shot, available in October, daily Cerebus in […]

Five cartoonists nominated for this year’s Reuben Award


This week the nominees for the Cartoonists of the Year, aka THE Reuben, presented yearly by the National Cartoonists Society, were announced and they are: Lynda Barry Stephan Pastis Hilary Price Michael Ramirez Mark Tatulli Partis and Price were nominated last year (Roz Chast was the winner.) This is the first time I ever remember […]

Wondercon’16: IDW Plans to Publish a Plethora of Books

Left to right: Dirk Wood, Vice Present of Marketing,  David Hedgecock, Managing Editor, Scott Dunbier, Special Projects Editor, and Greg Goldstein, President and COO

By Nicholas Eskey San Diego publisher IDW have grown steadily beyond their beginnings of comics. Though comics are still their main focus, the company in recent years has expanded beyond that and into other forms of entertainment. At this year’s Wondercon, IDW Entertainment represented by Dirk Wood, Vice Present of Marketing,  David Hedgecock, Managing Editor, […]

Revolutionary new comics insert in newspapers spotlights King Freatures


The New York Times, which is the one newspaper that never ran comics strips, reverse engineers their insertion into Sunday papers as something of a novelty, instead of an elegy to the death of the newspaper itself. The occasion is a piece on a special 16 page color comics insert spotlighting the 100th anniversary of […]