Comic Arts Brooklyn Debuts Part Three: Nobrow, Retrofit, Yam Books, Amy Jean Porter and MUCH MORE


And yet more amazing comics. Please stop by and check these out, and if you can’t go, surf on the links like I’m doing. A lot of great books and new cartoonists to discover.


Comic Art Brooklyn 2013: the Debuts Part Two – Microcosm, OIly Comics, AdHouse and MORE


Yet more incredible debut books from tomorrow’s Comic Arts Brooklyn fest, being held at the Mt. Carmel Church in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and the Knitting Factory down the street.


Comic Art Brooklyn 2013: the Debuts Part One – Blexbolex, Hangdai, PictureBox, Koyama, Wartella and more


Here’s a listing of the books that will be debuting this Saturday at the first Comic Arts Brooklyn festival. Information has been supplied by the exhibitors and hopefully something here will pique your interest. If you don’t find something to pique your interest, you don’t really like comics.


Growing pains hitting many indie comics shows


Even indie comics are getting to be, if not big business, then extremely popular. More popular than a street fair, even. The last two years, perhaps inspired by BCGF and TCAF, have seen indie shows spring up in many cities from Minneapolis Autopic, to Portland’s The Projects to Chicago’s CAKE. While we noted that last […]


Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival is no more


Even as the glow of great comics at TCAF is drifting away, some bad news for great indie comics festivals: according to a post on their Tumblr, The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival is being suspended. We have decided not to continue with BCGF. We had a great run and thank all of our colleagues […]


On the Scene: BCGF 2012: Ware, McGuire, and Spiegelman on Creating the Architecture of Comics


The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival this year was, by all accounts, pretty crowded and hot in the main building, but the governing factor was high attendance, and the discussion panels, held at The Knitting Factory, also confirmed the trend. They were highly attended, and for the most part, standing room only. This signals a […]


A guide to tonight’s comics/art events


So much going on part ii! But they are all in Brooklyn so gallery hopping is somewhat do able. Too Art for TV 6 We are excited to invite you to TOO ART FOR TV 6 – the sixth annual group exhibition for the animation industry AND the debut of Bunnycutlet Gallery in Brooklyn (Williamsburg, […]


Bonus BCGF debut: COPRA by Michel Fiffe


A few straggler debuts are coming in for this weekend’s Brooklyn Comcis and Graphic Fest including The Beat’s own Michel Fiffe with COPRA. It’s 24 pp, full color and Fiffe expects it to be MONTHLY.


BCGF wrap-up

Although my “official” news story about last weekend’s Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival was published in PW Comics Week, I still had some pictures I wanted to put up.

Over all it was an awesome day. Not much more to say. I thought last year, set in a dramatic blizzard, would be hard to top for that special something, but the cheerful, can-do spirit of this show equalled that. Everyone seemed to be finding like-minded souls to share their work. As I said several times, “Who knew so many people liked good comics?”


BCGF News: Crosby, Tong, Bell

A final look at some of the wonderful books on sale tomorrow at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival. As always even if you can’t go, click through on some of the links…new, fresh stuff everywhere. Rosebud Archives This company — run by comics strip historian Rick Marschall and Jonathan Barli — is your go […]


BCGF: D&Q – Tomine, Nilsen

Just to wrap things up, Drawn and Quarterly has a blog post on their BCGF activities. Sadly Peggy BUrns will not be able to attend due to a lost passport (! The Terrorists have WON) but they will have this new Adrian Tomine book and the debut of the final Big Question by Anders Nilsen. […]


BCGF: Pigeon Press announces new Johnny Ryan book: New Character Parade

Pigeon Press, the new company from Alvin Buenaventura has recent books by Lisa Hanawalt amd Matt Furie available at BCBF, and the debut of a new JOhnny Ryan book: “New Character Parade” by Johnny Ryan This hilarious and irreverent tome continues the Johnny Ryan brand of gleefully perverse humor! New Character Parade features 120 full-page […]


More BCGF news and comics: Cotter, Blexbolex, Juliacks etc

More news and notes from publishers and cartoonists at this Saturday’s Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival. If you are not local, just check out the links for some new and different comics. We had such a fantastic outpouring of info we have ONE MORE post coming later today. It had been a blast going through all these links and finding so many new artists to follow.


BCGF: Koyama Press debuts "Spotting Deer"

Not only does Koyama Press have a spanking new website, they will also have some new books this weekend: Koyama Press will be bringing Michael DeForge, the Wowee Zonk collective and Steven Charles Manale from Toronto. We will be debuting Michael DeForge’s new book ‘Spotting Deer’. Wowee Zonk will have their new book ‘Wowee Zonk […]


BCGF: Secret Acres debuts Edie Fake's Gaylord Phoenix

Secret Acres presents a very amazing new book at this weekend’s show:


News: Deitch, English, Little, many more at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival

The response to our call for new books at this weekend’s Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest was incredible and overwhelming, with new work by Kim Deitch, Jason Little, Austin English, Mark Alan Stamaty, and MANY MORE. We’re still sorting through it. Consider this only part 1! Bring a full wallet.