DC reveals some new Dark Knight III art…and the big twist in the first issue (Spoilers)


After remaining pathologically tight lipped at their NYCC appearances—even a small elite media only press event—Dark Knight III workmen Brian Azzarello and Andy Kubert spill the beans on the big plot twist of the event comic in an interview at CBR. And the story element is in fact the one that I heard was the genesis for the entire storyline. And would have made a nice surprise for those reading the story. I’m curious as to why DC didn’t even try to keep it under wraps. I guess they knew that it would be spoiled and wanted to get ahead of it?

31 Days of Halloween: 1 million vintage images from the British Library


This isn’t actually Halloween related but there is plenty that is spooky or ethereal in the massive trove of images that the British Library has uploaded to it’s Flickr account. Some 1 million of them in fact. There’s a page with various albums, including maps, children’s book illustrations, historical events and so on. And yes comics, mostly broadsheet cartoons. The images have been cataloged and tagged by online volunteers from images that were automatically uploaded.

Nice Art: Amanda Conner’s Poster for The Big Bang Theory


In case you were watching The Big Bang Theory Llast night (Spoiler: we weren’t) you may have seen the gnag arguing over a sexist poster in the comics shop they frequent. And you may have guessed that it was the work of Amanda Conner (and colorist Paul Mounts.) The poster was created to show all the sexist cliches you can have in one unfriendly comics shop and Amanda hit them all…but let’s face it, it’s still a lovely piece.

Chris Ware battles for graphic literature with “Why I Love Comics”


It seems that Chris Ware, the genius behind Building Stories and other structural comics masterpieces, and Hajime Isayama, the Attack on Titan creator we wrote about a few posts ago, share some of the same things: low self esteem as the lot of the cartoonist. Ware has as piece called “Why I Love Comics” in […]

NYCC ’15: Wes Craig on “Deadly Class” – The Process and Perils of a Career with Assassins


At New York Comic Con last week, The Beat’s Lindsey Morris chatted with Wes Craig about his current comics life – what it’s like to spend your days elbow-deep in teenage assassins, angst, and violence.

Grumpy Cat is coming to NYCC and here are ALL the #1 covers


The biggest celebrity of all has been announced for New York Comic Con! Grumpy Cat herself will be appearing on Thursday, October 8th, from 1:30pm to 3:00pm at Dynamite Booth #2129. Thisis her first comic con appearance, but Grmpy has been the superstar at every other venue we’ve seen her at, including Toy Fair and BEA…I’m not […]

While NY Geeks Out Next Weekend, So Cal Goes Punk


Not going to NYCC this year? Sure you could spend hours hunched over the computer waiting for the latest news to come out of the Javits center or if you like a little punk rock with your reading you can spend that Saturday enjoying a full day of art, literature, and music in San Bernardino CA […]

Nice Art: Michael Cavna quick sketches the GOP Debate


In case you couldn’t stomach five hours of GOP presidential candidates sniping at each other while competing to see who could do more to cut access to health care for women, Michael Cavna was doing some quick sketches for Twitter. Cavna—best known for his wonderful Comic Riffs column at the Washington Post—is no Jane Rosenberg, […]