To do this weekend, PDX: THE PROJECTS


Even as you read this, an amazing event is underway in Portland called THE PROJECTS — it’s billed as “a festival of experimental comics and narrative arts, happening at the IPRC in Portland on October 19-21, 2012″ and is only the latest in a year filled with impressive comics symposiums and events that go far beyond the “What inspired you to create the Avengers, Mr Lee,” paneling that has represented many comics events. With this, the G-17 meeting in Chicago, MIX in Columbus, NYC’s ongoing scholarly events , comics are being looked at in creative and social context that significantly enhance and deepen both their media standing and our own understanding.

SPX: Good comics, good people

Much has been written and lauded about this year’s SPX, and I’m late to the game but I have a few thoughts I wanted to put to pixel before the memories fade. It was a great time for just about everyone, I think. I had a blast at TCAF this year and came away from it completely optimistic about The State of Comics. That mood was only deepened by SPX, and I don’t expect it to fade any time soon. A few little notes:

Best SPX ever?

Photo via @eee Possibly the best SPX ever—and definitely the most financially successful one. That’s what everyone was saying last night. By 4:30 Fantagraphics had made more money than they did at all of last year’s show. Similar stories were reported at PictureBox, Nobrow, D&Q and everywhere really. With a bigger floor space and a […]

Once in a lifetime SPX rolls out this weekend

This weekend The Small Press Expo takes place in North Bethesda, MD, offering what seems to be a once in a lifetime lineup of guests: Dan Clowes. Chris Ware. Both Hernandez Brothers. No one ever seems to remember seeing them all in one place before. They won’t all be on the same panel, but there is one featuring Clowes, Los Bros and Adrian Tomine. Get there early.

DOOPDATE: Doop Returns for an All-Doop issue of Wolverine & The X-Men in September

Marvel have made a change to their solicitations, revealing that issue #17 of Wolverine & The X-Men is going to be a showcase issue for Doop.

Comics G-17 summit report from Chicago

Meanwhile, in Chicago it was the all-time greatest cartoonist confab, the Comics: Philosophy and Practice event, which was overshadowed a bit by the presence of a NATO summit in Chicago at the very same time—apparently traffic and security were taxing.

Christopher Borelli’s report is written contrasting the two summits, while noting the enormity of the attendees:

To do this weekend: Comics: Philosophy and Practice

While any noteworthy comics events are taking place this weekend, the not notable—and perhaps the most notable in recent comics history—is taking place at the University of Chicago’s new $114 million Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts: the Comics: Philosophy and Practice symposium organized by Hilary Chute. The lineup?

TCAF bound!

Are we the last possible person to link to Michael DeForge’s poster for this Saturday’s Doug Wright Awards? Possibly. It’s also a reminder that we’ll be at TCAF this weekend! First time and we couldn’t be more excited! The webste has all the debuts, guests, party poop, programming and other info you could possibly need, so we’ll just direct you there for everything except to note that we’ll be moderating this panel on Saturday at The Pilot:

Everyone is talking about: The Blonde Woman by Aidan Koch

If you haven’t checked out the Study Group webcomic site, you are missing some great stuff, which we hope to be spotlighting in more depth very soonish, but for now, here’s The Blonde Woman – Part 1 – by Aidan Koch, an abstract, mysterious opus that many art comics readers have been buzzing about.

Video alert: Sh*t Gary Panter says

Not really, but here’s a video of the great comics creator, artist and designer Gary Panter‘s recent illustrated Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) talk on his life and art.

Nice art: Michael DeForge's Incinerator

Published by and available from Secret Headquarters.

Study Group 12 goes digital

The acclaimed Portland-based Study Group 12 anthology is starting up a web comic portal for several of their contributors, with regular series & one-shots included, in addition to regular blog posts like this one on Craig Thompson’s Habibi process.) From their blog: We’ll be uploading new comics every weekday at noon EST, with the occasional […]

A new issue of BERLIN is on the way

Jason Lutes has been working on BERLIN, his tale of Weimar Germany, for something like…14 years. And although it’s been about a year between issues, a new issue has been delivered to the DQ offices and publisher Chris Oliveros marvels at their craft:

Jason is the consummate professional. Did you know that there is not a single use of “white out” on any of these 24 pages? Pen to paper for close to a couple of hundred panels, all done with flawless efficiency.

Jack Davis, Phoebe Gloeckner headline Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest

The featured guests for this Decembers Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival have been announced, and it’s pretty spectacular: CF, Jack Davis, Phoebe Gloeckner, Lisa Hanawalt, Chip Kidd, David Mazzucchelli, John Porcellino and Brian Ralph.

If you are like us, you are most excited about the chance to meet the legendary Jack Davis, who was not only an EC Comics mainstay, but one of the original MAD artists and one of the most influential illustrators of the 60s and 70s with his unmistakeable “bigfoot” style. So YEAH. Amazing.

Comics are art

The new issue of ARTnews has a nice survey of the fine art/Comics crossover:

2011 Ignatz Awards nominees announced

The nominees for the 2011 Ignatz awards have just been announced. The nominees represent the best of indie comics and were selected by a five person panel consisting of Rina Ayuyang, Mike Dawson, Kris Dresen, Theo Ellsworth, and John Porcellino. Winners will be selected by attendees of the Small Press Expo and presented at the gala Ignatz Awards ceremony held on Saturday, September 10, 2011 at 9:00 PM with host Dustin Harbin.

Multiple nominees include Edie Fake, Michael DeForge, Sammy Harkham and Carol Tyler.