Alan Moore’s Secret Q&A Cult Exposed! Part II: You’ll Gasp When You See What He Told Them!!!

His Celestial Self

By Anne M Kletcha Deep in the grubby sump of one of those so-called ‘Social Media’ sites, there is a clump of aging comics fanboys called The Really Very Serious Alan Moore Scholars’ Group, known to its sad and lonely adherents as TRVSAMSG. When they’re not annotating everything in sight, or calling down ancient evils […]

Valiant teases Deathmate for Summer


Details coming at C2E2. The first Deathmate is a famous – or perhaps infamous – 90s crossover event that was the Zenith of the Chromium era, a crossover between Valiant and Image that gave birth to a rockstar creator tour even as the book itself was plagued by blown deadlines. Creators included Bob Layton, Barry Windsor-Smith, […]

Hopes briefly flare for a new Darkwing Duck tv show, but are cruelly dashed


  Coming in April from @JoeBooksCo. @Aaron_Sparrow @SilvaniArt & whatsizface. — Amy Mebberson (@amymebberson) January 18, 2016 Earlier this week Joe Books announced a new ongoing Darkwing Duck comic book, by Aaron Sparrow and James Silvani, thus righting one of the great comics kerfuffles of all times. But as this news was disseminated in […]

90s nostalgia; The Anti-Gravity Room


Just in case you missed my explanation of how manga helped pave the way for a more diverse comics industry, here’s a video of me and then-Marvel editor Bobbie Chase in 1996 trying to explain why women might want to read comics. It’s from a TV show called The Anti Gravity Room, which was shown on the SfiCi Channel as it was then known, which was a US version of Canada’s Prisoners of Gravity. Both shows covered the whole “comics, nerd world” with taped interviews and comics-friendly segments that seem commonplace now, but were unique at the time. I think I co-hosted an episode or two, and I can’t wait until those tapes surface.

SDCC ’15: Viz Media and Perfect Square: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


  By Nick Eskey Nintendo has a number of popular game franchises that have evolved and grown into rich stories and mythologies. None though come close to the world of “Legend of Zelda.” Ever since the game first appeared on original Nintendo Entertainment System, it has since enjoyed an appearance on every subsequent Nintendo console […]

Alan Moore Interview Part I – Steve Moore, River of Ghosts, The Show, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…

River of Ghosts cover

It’s the 26th of February, and the time is 7.00pm, the usual time for all my telephone interviews with Alan Moore, since the first one we did, back in March 2008. This is something like the eighth time I’ve interviewed him 1, but I still get nervous. There’s the usual fumbling around with a voice […]

21st Century TANK GIRL will be published by Titan in June


Titan announced today they are serializing the Kickstarter-funded 21st Century Tank Girl, which saw artist and Co-creators Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin returning to the character which made them famous in the 80s and 90s.

Cowan, Hudlin, and Dingle Relaunch Milestone Media


While diversity in comics has made strides in the Big Two in the past couple of years, Denys Cowan still wants to see a greater shift in comics: “We’ve never just done black characters just to do black characters,” Cowan said. “It’s always come from a specific point of view, which is what made our […]