Cartoonists Doing Things: Shigeru Mizuki eats a hamburger

Shigeru Mizuki.jpg
The 90-year-old creator of NonNonBa, Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths, and such yokai masterpieces as GeGeGe no chows down with relish. As recounted in the semi-autobiographical Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths, Mizuki lost an arm in World War II, but that hasn’t prevented him from going to McDonalds.



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  2. […] Shigeru Mizuki was born in 1924, meaning he is 90 years old. He served in World War Ii for Japan and lost his left arm in the conflict. His fictionalized account of the war, Onwards toward Our Noble Deaths, won an Eisner Award and is considered a manga classic. As are many of his countless other works. Anyway, as the above tweet shows, sometimes he just likes to kick back and enjoy life and wear a wig. Other times he just likes to eat a burger. […]

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