Cartoonists continue to breed new super race

Babies everywhere!


§ Adrian Tomine and Sarah Brennan welcomedNora Emiko Tomine on Halloween.


¶ And Juni, born to Kazu Kibuishi and Amy Kim Ganter, arrived just yesterday.

Our warmest congratulations to all.


  1. And Leah Moore and John Reppion’s son Edward Alec was born on Oct. 30th! (Making Alan Moore a grandfather as well! And Melinda Gebbie a stepgrandmother!)

  2. yay! new readers!

  3. Kat Kan says:

    Oh my, babies! Congrats to all parents – now y’all will be awake all night, but for far different reasons! Unless, of course, you have the super-babies who sleep through the night from the start (in which case I’ll be supremely jealous).

  4. Congratulations to everyone!

    Adrian and Sarah, Kazu and Amy, can my baby be friends with your babies? Yours will have a three-month start in learning to be awesome.

  5. michael says:

    Whoa! Kazu’s new baby is miniature!!! O.O

    And yes, congrats to all! :)

  6. jacob lyon goddard says:

    congrats to all the new parents!

    why was the very first thing that popped into my head after i saw the first photo was “i wonder what effect this will have on the tone of Tomine’s work”?

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