Cartoonist Colin Upton and musician John Lee team for “Remembrance”

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Well here’s a new kind of “motion comic” called “Remembrance”…a YouTube video of a collaboration between cartoonist Colin Upton (Diabetes Funnies) and musician John Lee that includes Upton narrating a his mini comic “Self-Indulgent Comics #33” while Lee supplies an elegant soundtrack. Upton is something of a comic legend in his native Canada, where he’s been putting out minis about the everyday life of Vancouver for more than 25 years. Lee, who is English, discovered Upton’s work and composed jazz soundtracks for some of them.

The two hope to make a live performance out of this at some point. I smell Kickstarter…and it would be a fine use of crowdfunding based on this sample.


  1. Harris Pearson says

    If you like autobiographical comics, Colin Upton’s are among the all-time best. Original, compassionate, informative, and downright funny!

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