Carla Speed McNeil draws Red Sonja for Devin Grayson

As caught on Facebook, Carla Speed McNeil is part of the Gail Simone’ driven LEGEND OF RED SONJA, anthology, which also features Nancy A. Collins.

YEAH, I drew nine pages of RED SONJA! With Devin Grayson writing! Gail Simone made it happen, and it was fun!

Grayson hasn’t been much seen in comics for a while, so it’s great to see her back on a character like Red Sonja. And of course, Carla Speed McNeil is our hero.

No peek at the interiors yet but we can’t wait.


  1. SniktSnakt says:

    What was the last comics work that Grayson did? Nightwing?

  2. While I wasn’t a fan of her NIGHTWING, Devin Grayson’s one of my favorite Batman writers of all time; GOTHAM KNIGHTS was great. That JLA/Titans thing she did with Phil Jimenez was pretty rad, too.

  3. Joe Illidge says:

    In the Big 2, maybe, but she’s been writing in the book publishing world, which is much bigger.

  4. Carla Speed McNeil is great. Her art is lively, fluid and filled with energy. She has decent camera angles, too.

  5. Torsten Adair says:

    Ms. McNeil also has an original graphic novel due soon from Dark Horse:

    Written by Sara Ryan!

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