C2E2 2011 in pictures

We’ll have our full report in tomorrow’s PW Comics Week, but for now, a few notes:

The show was much improved from last year’s; rough attendance is about 34,000, according to Lance Fensterman, definitely up from last year.

This was a fun, well run show without a lot of bells and whistles. There wasn’t any one thing that made it stand out, but it was definitely a good show with all the elements that achieved “con.” The crowd was young and energetic and seemed to be having the time they expected out of a comic-con, (a supposition backed up by happy tweets).

Sales were strongest in Artist Alley where lots of folks sold out. The sales were mostly smaller items, though — a lot of artists mentioned not selling original art to us. However, one fellow was telling us in the bar that he made $5k selling originals; different strokes.

We’ll have the news roundup and more info later on — for now, here’s a photo gallery:

ROCKETEER splash page by John Cassaday for a new anthology series featuring the character. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the family of the late creator Dave Stevens, and a charity. Covers are by Alex Ross.


Dark Horse debuted a new booth with lots of interactive areas.


Archaia’s booth featured cute little stools!


This guy was pretty much the king of the show.


We don’t know what these standalone letters were for but they were kind of cool.


Retailers rappin': Chicago Comics Eric Kirssamer and Revolution’s Jim Mortensen.




I think you could fit all of Williamsburg inside the McCormick Place.


Remains of cute — and delicious — dragon roll from dinner on Friday.




The cute stools of Archaia were put to good use.


MOUSE GUARD’s David Petersen signs.


Top Shelf’s Chris Staros talks to a customer.


Jai Nitz strikes a pose by the DC Booth.


Fuzzy picture of the adorable Quidditch players roaming the floor.


ComiXology showed off a video of a guy showing off their app to Jimmy Fallon.


Importantly, we learned that comiXology’s Trace Cohen, right, is a guy.


Some of the Avengers 100 covers at the Hero Initiative reception on Saturday.




The Hero Initiative’s Jim McLauchlin.





Cartoonist Jamal Igle’s daughter Catherine demonstrates the future.


Chris Samnee and Mike Norton discover they are mirror images of one another at the Marvel party.


Thor mighty movie lobby display set off the Marvel booth.


Nice view!


The Rock Band stage in the lobby provided a strange soundtrack for the weekend.


Not quite sure what is going on here. Sure that we don’t want to know.


On Friday at least, there was no danger the autograph area would overwhelm the comics.


Jill Pantozzi, Justin Tyler and Bill Willingham at the Newsarama TV studio.


The strange world of Denis Calero.


Only at a Comic-Con will you experience Pirates of the Navibbean.


Peak time Saturday.


DC’s Kwanza Johnson at the super secret after party.


The swanky john at the super secret after party.


In the ’60s, children were protected by Halloween costumes that were flame retarded.


  1. I believe that Rocketeer cover is by John Cassaday.

  2. Ingoschi says:

    The cute little stools and tables are MAMMUTs from IKEA.

  3. Torsten Adair says:

    That cute little green table was set up for kids to use, and they did! First time I’ve seen such a thing in a publisher’s booth!

    Props for Archaia for the awesome sale this weekend (buy one, get one free; buy two, get three free) which included some nice leather-bound editions. They also had a packed panel for their Jim Henson projects, including a Jim Henson/Jerry Juhl screenplay which had been locked away for some 35 years!

    Oh, and they’re doing a Dark Crystal prequel, with some guy named Brian Froud. Must be a hot new talent… I can’t recall ever having read his comics.

  4. What is that great art that the comiXology guys are showing on the ipad?

  5. Thanks for the virtual tour of the Con, Heidi. Especially since I was able to attend the show.

    It had nothing to do with scheduling or budget. I’m just afraid of Chicago.

  6. Torsten Adair says:

    That’s “Atomic Robo” on the Comixology display. I don’t know the exact issue, but that series has done extremely well in the graphic novel market, frequently making the Diamond Top 300.


  7. I’m just afraid of Chicago.

    You’re missing out. Great city.

  8. pulphope says:

    That Rocketeer is unmistakably John Cassaday.

  9. The Beat says:

    Yes it is John Cassaday. My notes said Ross was doing something for the book, but I guess it wasn’t covers!

    Sorry to all.

  10. Scott Dunbier says:

    LOL, Heidi, read the solicits! ;-)

    Alex Ross is doing all four covers, John has a story in the first issue—this is the splash.

  11. Minor correction: That’s retailer Jim Mortenson of COMIX REVOLUTION, not Revolution.

  12. The Beat says:

    So I was half right and half wrong as usual!

  13. Thanks, Torsten! I’ve heard of Atomic-Robo, but I haven’t read it so I didn’t recognize the art. Sounds like something to try!

  14. And even my correction needs a correction: It’s Mortensen, as you wrote it. Sorry, Jim!

  15. Martha Thomases says:

    Jamal’s daughter is especially adorable.

  16. Sean D. says:

    Lot of Rogue’s at the show. Along with the one Heidi has abovethere were at least 3 more I had shots of that passed through Artist Alley.

  17. For those that attended, (unfortunately it was a family wedding weekend for me so I couldn’t go) how was the show? And thanks for the pics/comments Heidi…being from chicago, we are all too familiar with the phase, “wait till next year.” (That should be the Cubs official slogan)

    I’m curious to know if the setup was conducive to fans interacting with the professionals. Thanks everyone.

  18. Mike Prost and Kearstin Nicholson says:

    we’re the Age of Apocalypse Rogue and Magneto! thanks for the props!

  19. Great pictures from the Chicago Convention!! However, you can’t see the SuperheroStuff.com booth in the photo of the convention floor. Bummer!!

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