Breaking: Robinson NOT leaving Superman?

According to the Superman Homepage, editor Matt Idelson says James Robinson has NOT quit the Superman books.

So there you go.


  1. Well, that’s good…

  2. Jack Harkness says:

    I can’t believe you got scooped on this, what with all of the reporting you were doing to try to nail down the truth!

  3. Tester says:

    Heidi should just have linked to the big Newsarama article about it.

  4. Jesse Post says:

    I think I liked it better before we had a 24-hour news cycle.

  5. Joe S. Walker says:

    That’s a really crap Superman picture.

  6. Ok do we know this for a fact?, I mean has somebody actually talked to Robinson first hand and gotten the scoop from him?. Because after the Shooter/DC and Dixon messes, unless I hear it straight from the writers themselves i’m not taking anyone’s word as fact.


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