Breaking news: Susan Boyle plucks eyebrows

This is a public service announcement. It seems that Susan Boyle’s makeover has begun. The most famous woman in the world has trimmed her brows from a stormy hedge that would frighten small children into screaming, dropping their ice cream cones, and running away to a more delicate line that brings out her bone structure.

This is either a) the latest step in a wonderful Cinderella story


b) the beginning of a horrible sellout that will end in tears at Dana Plato’s graveside.

BE THAT AS IT MAY, we post this, not because it has anything to do with comics but because it illustrates something that we often tell our distaff pals: nothing can change your facial appearance as quickly or effectively as well shaped eyebrows! Seriously, it’s only $6 or $7 down at the threading or waxing salon, and it can turn you from a trout to a trophy in SECONDS! So be mindful.


  1. says

    Jerry Seinfeld: “She’s got great eyebrows; women kill to have her eyebrows.”

    George Costanza: “Who cares about eyebrows?”


  2. charles Knight says

    good god, as a brit, I expect the beat to be a refuge from the inane shitty reality TV shows that infest our TV screens like a dose of the clap. Is nowhere safe from this mawkish shite?

  3. says

    It’s so true, man, it’s so true. I was just looking at a high school picture of myself the other day before I thought to care about such things, and I was like “oy!” even though I’m blonde and didn’t really have that particular problem anyway. I say all power to her, the little things can’t hurt. And the hot lady judge said she won’t let the full-on makeover happen for what seemed like actually morally defensible reasons, so my optimism isn’t dead yet.

  4. says

    Never had my eyebrows done. Never saw the point.

    I think Boyle looks just fine as she is, but then I suspect I don’t look all that different than she does.

  5. James Van Hise says

    Lots of cruel jokes about Susan Boyle going around. After she was praised by Rosie O’Donnel, a radio DJ today remarked that to play Susan Boyle in a movie, Rosie is competing with John Goodman.

  6. Joseph says

    Are guys supposed to shape their eyebrows also, or is it considered a bit too metrosexual?

  7. michael says

    Actually I think boys and girls are helped by having well shaped eyebrows, but in that E! article he poses the question, plucked or tweezed?

    I ask myself, what is the difference? O.O

  8. Synsidar says

    I’d guess that people who want info on Susan Boyle could find all the articles they could want — anyway, here’s just one on changes in her styles of clothing.


  9. lisa says

    shaped eyebrows is like shaved armpits- A MUST!!! gives her a totally groomed look without looking fake and overdone

    i say some guys should really think about taming their brows. especially if it’s a mono!

    if all the best looking actresses and models decided to grow in their eyebrows i think people would realise how much it actually changes your appearance. i love nice eyebrows.

  10. says

    the voice of Susan Boyle is phenomenal and for me she is a great performer. too bad she was unable to make it to the finals.

  11. says

    Susan Boyle has a great voice, no doubt about that. She was my first choice in American Idol and sadly she did not make it.

  12. says

    my boss made me research this topic, i wasnt too happy, figured i would be bored to death (not my cup of tea) but your blogs allright mate ;)

  13. says

    Susan Boyle has a great voice, if she only look good then she could have been a fast rising star. the music industry is also like showbiz, somehow you need to look good if you want to become famous fast.

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