BONUS: Neil Kleid's Not At Comic-Con photo campaign


Every year someone starts a not-at-Comic-Con party or promotion of some sort.

This time it’s writer Neil Kleid (The Big Kahn) who’s taking off on DC’s ad campaign.



  1. But he’ll be at NYCC though, right?

  2. Neil Kleid says:

    That I will, Ed. That, I will.

    Thanks, Heidi!

  3. What a clever idea Neil! Great idea.

    I’ll be hash tagging make comics!

  4. I’m too busy making comics this weekend to tweet about it. :)

  5. Al™ says:

    Friendly pose, good work ethic, I love this.

  6. Chris Hero says:

    This is really cool! Witty execution!

  7. This guy is awesome! Rock on Neil Kleid!

  8. @Neil—

    Thought so.

    Too bad you’re not at APE instead. The Indie/Alt vibe there seems a better fit for the comics that you’re doing instead of the Big Two-dominant NYCC…

  9. I’d love to go to APE one day, but I’m East Coast based and my trips West are pretty rare. In fact, the only two times I’ve been further west than St. Louis in my life, have BEEN to Comic-Con…!

    But I’ve been attending MoCCA here in NYC every year since it’s inception except the year of my honeymoon.

  10. @Neil–

    Understood. Enjoyed THE BIG KAHN; but got to it after your SDCC visit a couple of years back to get it signed…

    Looking forward to reading AMERICAN CAESAR.

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