Greetings from Barcelona. We arrived here safe and sound, and have since been enjoying the fabulous architecture, strong espresso and warm weather. There have also been unanticipated “setbacks”…but we have all our limbs and digits, so these “setbacks” are mostly to our diginity. Ah well, c’est la vie.

We will not be able to post much until our return due to one of these “setbacks”. We just arrived for the first day of the salon and are taking a lot of pictures for later. But that’s for later.


  1. Hey! Welcome to Barcelona, we have pretty good weather these days. Hope you like our Comic Con and enjoy the city.

  2. ¡Bienvenida, Heidi!

    Enjoy the sun, it is expected to get cloud on weekend.

  3. Oh my… i didn’t know you were coming to Spain, I would like to have the chance to say hello! Have fun!

  4. Is “setbacks” the same as “robberies”?

  5. The Beat says:

    I will be around the show tomorrow, Saturday if anyone see sme wandering around!

  6. Skipper Pickle says:

    You must take the train up to Figueres and visit the Salvador Dali museum. Really.

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