Beat Christmas giveaway

Yes, it’s that time of year! We’ve located a surplus copy of Little Lulu Volume  6, and rather than just toss it, sell it, or make a pie from it, we’ve decided to make a present of it for some lucky Beat reader! To throw your hat in the ring for Lulu, email your NAME AND ADDRESS to beatgiveaway @  But hurry! Because it’s so close to the holiday, we’ll choose a winner at random from those who enter by 6 p.m. EST tomorrow!

Void where prohibited!



  1. any chance you are willing to ship it to Peru?

  2. I’ve never read any LuLu’s. Are they comics or strips?

  3. Christopher, I believe the Little Lulu trades are collections of the comic stories. They have been receiving good reviews.

  4. Yow!

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