Bear Creek Apartments

Bca 02
A new comic by Larson/O’Malley! Bear Creek Apartments. And there was great rejoicing! And server crashing, apparently.


  1. I ran across this accidentally yesterday morning (following a blind link) and was so excited that I stopped working and spent the next five minutes reading and enjoying it. Combining the interthing, O’Malley, and Larson is a blight upon my productivity.

  2. I liked the beginning but hated the ending. I thought it was more of a MTV type comic about relationships and it goes off the road into the woods.

  3. C’mon, that goat-look was awesome.

  4. Gotta love the rectangular goat pupils!

  5. Great thing about goats is that you don’t have to work at making them creepy close up. Pale irises, oogy horizontal pupil FTW.

  6. Patrick Dean says:


  7. Some gorgeous coloring in there, and if you don’t like shaggy dog (or goat) stories, then this isn’t for you. I hope they do more jam comics.

  8. Very Informative post on Bear Creek Apartments.

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