Battle for SD07 Photos

1Sd07d4Sa Battle for SD07 Photos
Just a few more…we’ve made it all the way to Saturday and we’re still alive! Here are two of the many Blade Runner characters running around the show. Apparently they were hired by WB home video to promote the new DVD set which we are getting the second it comes out.

2Sd07d4Sa Battle for SD07 Photos
Trina Robbins and Golden Age great Lily Renee Phillips.

3Sd07d4Sa Battle for SD07 Photos
At one point we somehow wandered in back of the Convention center and found out where all the real action was as limos lined up to deliver stars.

4Sd07d4Sa Battle for SD07 Photos
The new HIlton under construction, which will be the hot place to stay come ’09. (They say it is opening in ’08 but we’re guessing not in time for next year’s show.)

5Sd07d4Sa Battle for SD07 Photos
Some other mysterious place where people’s feet were visible under a curtain and paparrazzi were hanging around.

6Sd07d4Sa Battle for SD07 Photos
When we first took this photo, we thought this was a line for the porta-potty outside Hall H, but it was just part of the line itself. No line for porta-potty!

7Sd07d4Sa Battle for SD07 Photos
The 3D Beowulf display outside the Omni. You had to peep through spyglasses to get the entire effect.

8Sd07d4Sa Battle for SD07 Photos
The scene at the SciFi/EW party.

9Sd07d4Sa Battle for SD07 Photos
Comic Foundry’s Tim Leong and Laura Hudson.

10Sd07d4Sa Battle for SD07 Photos
Whitney and The Beat. Photo by James Sime.

11Sd07d4Sa Battle for SD07 Photos
Cool building lighting effects via projection and Luna.

12Sd07d4Sa Battle for SD07 Photos
When you get right down to it, this is why San Diego is the new Cannes.

13Sd07d4Sa Battle for SD07 Photos
Mothership landing.

14Sd07d4Sa Battle for SD07 Photos
More “atmosphere.”

15Sd07d4Sa Battle for SD07 Photos
Floating pool decor.

16Sd07d4Sa Battle for SD07 Photos
Back at the Hyatt it was a free for all. Much of the cast of the Sarah Silverman show.

17Sd07d4Sa Battle for SD07 Photos
DC’s Brandon Montclare and Shane McCarthy.

18Sd07d4Sa Battle for SD07 Photos
Ed Brubaker, Pia Guerra and someone else.

19Sd07d4Sa Battle for SD07 Photos
Jah Furry…the rest I don’t remember. Not Pictured: Charlie Adlard, Zena Tsarfin, Ben McCool, Ian Boothby, etc etc etc.


  1. I managed to snap a photo of the entire Blade Runner Replicant Brigade shortly after the panel on the subject let out:

    It really was a bit surreal to see this entire army of Roys, Rachaels, Prises, and Zhoras come down the lobby at once. Husband pointed out that there were no Leons in the replicant brigade, which I suppose is not surprising.

  2. Mmmmmm, family-friendly goodness!

  3. Sean D. says:

    Seeing as how the new Hard Rock Hotel was supposed to be open by this past weekend (a longshot by the way things looked during con week), I’d say 2009 will be a safe bet for the Hilton making the Travel Planners list.

    Then again, if they get the crew that converted the Radisson to a Doubletree in a week’s time on the case, there may be a new option for those camping out in Hall H next year.


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