Back in the day

Stolen from the way-back machine of Venus In Furs’ Flickr account.

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  1. looks like the ACE Bar

  2. alex cox says:

    Wow… hard to remember that there was ever a time when Ace Bar wasn’t overrun with finance jocks and gelled hair.

    Dang…. Sophie’s, Joe’s, Blue and Gold, Bar 82…. the East Village was a blast in those days. I lived on Avenue B and worked on St. Marks. Never went north of 14th or south of Houston for year-long stretches.

    Good times…

  3. I like the Alex Ross like feel of this photo. It’s that spot of light behind your fist that sells it.

  4. The Beat says:

    Alex, yeah….crazy isn’t it? I remember going to the Ace Bar in ’94. I even held my birthday party there one year.

  5. Hey, what ever happened to that top hat you use to wear to those Hyatt balcony parties in San Diego, why back when? I think that was around ’94.

  6. Heidi had to wear that in order to compete with my trusty rusty bright red Nebraska Cornhusker hat.



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