C2E2 2016: How To Get Around

Art by Phil Noto

The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, also known as C2E2, is set to begin Friday! If you’ll be attending, here are some helpful hints on how to make your way to the South Building of McCormick Place! (Same place as last year… and probably for the foreseeable future… it’s HUGE.) First, here’s the official link […]

WonderCon 2016: How Does the New Location in Los Angeles Compare to Those of Yesteryear?


Comic-Con International has released the floor plan for WonderCon 2016, scheduled for March 25-27 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. After four years of steady growth in Anaheim, CCI has moved WC to downtown Los Angeles. Some wonder if the site is suited, given the lack of hotel rooms and the location. (Yes, these are […]

When Comic-Con Tickets Sell Out in Hours, How Do You Fix It?


Embed from Getty Images Well, it was that time of year again… Tickets for Comic-Con International went on sale Saturday morning at 9 AM Pacific Time, and sold out within hours, if not less than an hour. The official announcement was posted just before 1 PM: Comic-Con 2016 badges have sold out! We thank all […]

Disney Remasters Star Wars Once More, as a Graphic Novel!

star wars GN cover

Last year, Marvel launched their new Star Wars comics by offering remastered editions of the original comic book adaptations. Well…  next March, Lusasfilm Press will release a brand new graphic novel adaptation of the original trilogy (AKA “A New Hope Strikes the Jedi”)! I can’t discover who made this; it’s listed as “LucasFilm Book Group”. Disney […]

Next Fall, Papercutz Sends Mickey Mouse to Purgatory, and Teams Up Barbie With Puppies!

peyo pussycat

Papercutz, the kids-friendly brainchild of Terry Nantier and Jim Salicrup, has announced 41 new titles for Fall 2016! They have an interesting mix: original graphic novels, imports from overseas, classics from decades past, and the occasional licensed property. So, what are the highlights? BARBIE! Yes, you might have heard and seen that Ms. Roberts has undergone a corporate […]

Young Adult Librarians Select Great Graphic Novels for Teens!


Since 2007, YALSA, the Young Adult Library Services Association, part of the American Library Association, has been releasing lists of Great Graphic Novels for Teens. The long list (112 titles this year!), and Top Ten titles, are released in January, after the Midwinter Conference. Although not as prestigious as the Newbery or Caldecott honors, the […]

Things To Do During the [blank]-pocalypse: A Comics Reading Marathon


Back in 2012, after Hurricane Sandy, I had a week-long furlough caused by a lack of electricity at my office near Union Square. That’s when I created this crazy idea: Read comics over a period of 26.2 hours, or read 1,572 pages of comics while doing nothing else. With the latest blizzard approaching Mega-City One and residents […]

Ego the Living Planet, Ready For Your Closeup?


Geek.com has an exclusive rumor: Sources close to both Geek.com and production on the film have told us that a fan favorite from the comic books will be making an appearance in the upcoming film: Ego, the Living Planet, is set to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. I’m not surprised. Why? Because I […]

Convention Center Scorecard: Political Footballs in San Diego and Los Angeles


In Geek News: The St. Louis Rams football team will be moving back to Los Angeles. (Yes, sports fans are geeks… they possess esoteric knowledge, wear and collect items denoting their fandoms, engage in tabletop gaming and endless discussions about who would beat whom, and even cosplay.) The Los Angeles Times has a nice story […]